Photo:Arthur Longly

Arthur Longly

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Photo:Arthur & Vi Longly on their wedding day in 1933

Arthur & Vi Longly on their wedding day in 1933

Derek Longly collection

The cycling enthusiast who managed the Co-op

By Derek Longly

My parents had strong connections with Newhaven with my Father Arthur Longly having been born in the town and all his relations, going back many years through the Redman family on my Grandmother's side, being very influential in the town's development.

There was also to develop an equally strong connection through my Father's sister Ivy who married Arthur Bennett, who's family was well established in the town.

My Father was a cycling fanatic and had won many medals and awards in his younger days.  He continued his love of cycling by travelling to work on his cycle every day from Seaford through the entire period he managed the Co-op Department Store between about 1950 and 1970.  He first started this when we moved to Seaford in 1949 when traffic was not much of a problem on the road between the two towns but in later years he would often come home with stories of being tipped off his bike by a passing lorry or being cut up by a motorist, but despite this he never gave up and cycled on through weather of all descriptions during the years.

Anyone who used to visit the Co-op Dept Store during the days he was there is bound to remember him and I'm sure the photo attached will jog their memories.  Also shown is a happy photo of my parents on their wedding day held at St Michael's church where I believe this shows them in the garden at No 81 Brighton Road shortly after the service.

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Comments about this page

This really takes me back to my childhood. At regular intervals I was taken to the Co-op for shoes. Usually, we met Mr. Longly en route to shoe department. He always had a smile and a cheery word. On one memorable occasion, we were served by Mr. Longly himself. The usual person, (Mrs. Fox, I seem to remember), was away. The whizzy cash pods always fascinated me and Mr. Longly kindly performed a few demos, for my (and I suspect, his) enjoyment. This happened well over 50 years ago, but it is still fresh in my memory. Mr Longly's kindness, smart turn-out and optimism made Co-op shopping a pleasure; something definitely missing in today's soul-less shops.

By William Stovell
On 02/12/2011

My father was a milkman and from time to time used to work from the Newhaven Co-Op dairy which was on the old cinder riverside track, I think behind the Co-Op store. As I remember it, you turned immediately right after crossing the swing bridge as you entered Bridge Street and followed a VERY narrow cinder track and the dairy was on the left - I assume behind the Co-Op store? My father was a very keen cyclist and I feel certain that he would have known your father. He was good friends with one of the local milkmen - Jim Ranger, who lived in Norman Road with his wife Ann. I would love to see any info or photos of the location of the dairy.

By Ashley Leaney
On 18/12/2011

I remember buying my first pocket calculator from the Co-op. I remember it was really expensive and the buttons clicked when you pressed them. Mr Longley proudly sold it to us. Wierd how curtain childhood memories stick with us!

By Paul Mingham
On 08/04/2012

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