The little ships that helped the service survive

By Derek Longly

When times looked grim for the service to Dieppe with only the Brighton still remaining of the passenger ferries and with her laid up during the winters, these three little cargo vessels, which had supported the passenger ships in busier times, came into their own as they were the only link remaining between the towns of Newhaven and Dieppe on those cold, rough winter days for quite some time.

Although I am not certain of this I understood that on occasion they would not only carry cargo across the Channel at that time but also a few passengers.

It is an interesting question as to whether or not the service would have ceased completely had these three stalwarts not carried on where the passenger ferries left off.

The pictures capture the three regularly and busily carrying their cargoes over the sea to France.

Photo:Nantes loading a car for transport to France

Nantes loading a car for transport to France

Derek Longly

Photo:Nantes arriving at Newhaven

Nantes arriving at Newhaven

Derek Longly

Photo:Rennes ready to sail

Rennes ready to sail

Derek Longly

Photo:Rennes at Dieppe

Rennes at Dieppe

Derek Longly collection

Photo:Brest sailing for Dieppe

Brest sailing for Dieppe

Derek Longly

Photo:Brest looking smart alongside at Newhaven

Brest looking smart alongside at Newhaven

Derek Longly

This page was added by Derek Longly on 15/07/2011.
Comments about this page

Nice to see some new photos of the 'Dieppe Screws'. That term comes from long ago when our ships were all paddlers. The first screw propeller driven ships on the route were the little cargo vessels, and the name stuck. Look at the funnel tops of Rennes and Nantes - identical - and then compare them with Brest. Note the angled black. That's the way to tell Brest from the other two. All three went to the same Greek owner in the mid 1960s, becoming Lassi II, III and IV respectively. Brest was the last to go, in early 1967, I think.

By Andy Gilbert
On 15/07/2011

Thanks for this very interesting background information Andy and also for your encouraging comments regarding the photos I have submitted. Have plenty more to share as long as people enjoy seeing them.

Do please keep them coming. Andy, Editor

By Derek Longly
On 16/07/2011

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