It gets cold down South too!

By Derek Longly

These days being an adopted 'Northerner' it amuses me that the people up here think they are the only ones who get it 'grim' in the winter.  So here are a few photos to prove that it can get just as cold in the 'Sunny South.' The views were taken during the winters of 1991 and 1998.

However, I well remember the terrible winter of 1962/63 when the snows came and lasted for months and everything came to a halt. I was on a bus returning from Newhaven to Seaford when it started to snow and by the time we reached Chyngton the road was impassable and that was the end of the journey.  It was a battle on foot from there with my good deed for the day being to help another passenger, a somewhat distressed young lady, reach her home before returning to my own.

Photo:Lawes Avenue - winter 1991

Lawes Avenue - winter 1991

Derek Longly

Photo:Valley Road area - winter 1998

Valley Road area - winter 1998

Derek Longly

Photo:A snowy scene in Willow Walk

A snowy scene in Willow Walk

Derek Longly

Photo:Frozen duck pond 1998

Frozen duck pond 1998

Derek Longly

Photo:Valley Road ponds - winter 1998

Valley Road ponds - winter 1998

Derek Longly

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