Marina and harbour c 1970's

Mick Cutler

Aerial photo, date unknown.

Two Blue Star freighters at east quay, possibly unloading bananas.

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It was common enough to have a couple of Blue Star ships in together but I can't think of many occasions when we had two identical sisters in like this, so I'm guessing it's the same occasion that I have other pix of.

L-R: Senlac, Brasilia Star, Gladstone Star

As for the date, I no longer have the photo, and I'm not sure it was dated anyway. Senlac arrived in 1973 and Lord Warden, seen in lay-up at the Railway Quay, was sold in 1979 so we can say that it's between those two years.

By Andy Gilbert
On 07/10/2011

TS Defiance; the local sea cadets corp; somehow obtained a ships lifeboat from the Gladstone Star, which was moored along with the rest of their boats up by the marine workshop. I'm curious as to how this came about if anyone can shed some light on it.

I remember you asking this once before, Rob. Alas, no-one seems to know - or no-one is willing to admit to it! Andy - Editor

By Rob Patten
On 08/10/2011

To help with the dating of the photo, looking at the marina area, it looks to me as though the buildings near the lifeboat house have been demolished (I forget their use) and also the area to the west of that has been dredged and has had jetties installed. When did that happen? Also, the container crane is absent. When was that erected and the old cranes removed?

By David Woolford
On 16/10/2011

I remember this period well as I was working at the marina at this time which was then called Coral Marine Ltd, we used to go over the river in the workboat to salvage dropped fruit which used to get lost during unloading.  So I think this was about 1976/77 era, but as you say very unusual to see two ships of same class. I think the last Blue Star ship into Newhaven was probably the modern Scottish Star, but I'm sure if I'm wrong some one will correct me. Lovely photo of a byegone period which must bring back fond memories to many people, like myself, of how things used to be.

By Chris Young
On 19/10/2012

One of the ships shown is the Argentina Star, and I remember it being in port in 1973. The Hardwick Grange, I believe,was the largest cargo vessel ever to have used Newhaven.

With respect, the identity of the two Blue Star ships has been confirmed as Gladstone and Brasilia. Argentina Star was older and a rather different design. Andy-Editor

By Colin Hussey
On 19/08/2013

I've only just seen the reply to the comment I made in 2013.  I stand corrected in terms of the identities of the Blue Star ships.  However, I have 3 photos of Lord Warden, laid up near the Marine workshops circa 1973, one of which I pass every day walking through the front door.  The photo above must date nearer to 1973/74.  How long was the Lord Warden laid up in Newhaven?  

Lord Warden was a regular for winter lay up at the East Quay, Colin. So it's hard to put an exact year on it. Could you post the photos you have of her please? Andy - Editor

By Colin Hussey
On 17/11/2018

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