Unknown persons wedding at the Baptist Church.


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Cadets from left to right. G Herriot, Cdt Winstone, (unknown) CWO Bell, (Unknown) CWO Whitehouse, Me Jack Patten, Wedding couple, (2 unknowns, Graham, Heacock or Southgate) Cpl Richardson, (Unknown).

Date was around 1971 I apologise for forgetting some of the names of these dedicated cadets. I left the Squadron in 1972 to re-emigrate to Canada.

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The unknown cadet between myself and CWO Whitehouse is Peter Eaton, the unknown at the top next to the wedding couple is Jeff Southgate and the unknown next to CPL Richardson is Paddy Green. I can't remember the others but they will come to me later.

By Colin Bell
On 29/11/2011

The base drummer's name is Eaton and the Sgt over on the right is Green. My memory is a little slow but it gets there in the end. The church of course is at the bottom of Church Hill, Nehaven.

By Jack Patten, Canada
On 29/11/2011

Thats me with the somewhat long hair third on the left, the hair was my eventual cause of leaving the cadets, the reason stated in my record of service was "he wishes to retain his present hairstyle". Great times were had in those days and watch out everyone as I still have all the photographs from the annual camps at the various RAF stations.

By Tony Still
On 15/12/2011

The trumpeter just to the right of the bride is James Martin. Went to school with him. He did ATC, I did Sea Cadets, sometimes a source of 'friction'.

By Andy Gilbert
On 16/12/2011

The wedding was Les & Jeanette Noble

By Debbie
On 06/04/2013

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