'Southdown' 22, High Street, Newhaven

By Joe Funnell

This shop was owned by Joseph Funnell Snr. which later became the shop at the bottom of the High Street which his son, Joe Funnell ran for 25 years.

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We used to live in the flat above the bakery around 1950 and I can remember them giving me hot doughnuts fresh from the bakery at the rear of the shop. Ben Funnell was a really friendly chap.

By Terry Howard
On 20/02/2009

Think you have the wrong Funnell family there Terry! Ben and Ada Funnell's shop was two shops down from the " late " Woolworth shop and their son Michael also worked with them. They later moved to a new bakery shop in South Coast Road, Peacehaven.

By John Hills
On 03/04/2009

If John and Terry are talking about the bakers just down from Woolworths, then this is the shop where my brother (also Terry) had one of his first jobs!

He stayed in baking for most of his life after this job. He used to meet me on my way to dance class at Seaford, with a bag of fresh doughnuts. I was always popular when I arrived with a large bag of sugary doughnuts. He sometimes substituted these for Lardy cake!!

By Bett Hill
On 25/08/2009

Does anyone have any more information about the bakery that we could use for a local history study at Grays school? A photo of the White Hart includes Funnell's Bakery. There's a horse being fed and a young child at the front. Is there maybe anyone who worked as an errand boy or who might know about the deliveries? We'd love to know!

By Inga Elphick
On 02/10/2009

Sadly, my Dad, Joseph William Funnell died on 17th September 2013 age 84. He was the eldest son of Harold and Queenie Funnell and ran the family business, Funnell's from 1949 - 1975. He was Newhaven born and bred.

By Jo Szalay( nee Funnell)
On 19/11/2013

Sorry to hear about your Dad's death Jo, as a child I lived in the flat above and to the left of the bakery (thanks to John for putting me right). I was sent down to get a loaf on many occasions, sometimes they would be deep frying jam doughnuts and I would be given one with strict instructions not to eat it till it had cooled. The doughnuts of today are nothing like them. Later when I started work at Bannisters Builders just over the road I would be sent over there with a long list for the joiners I worked with, Chelsea buns were a particular favourite together with the afore mentioned jam doughnuts and cream horns, I can feel the arteries hardening now. I used to go over twice a day at twenty to 10 and twenty to 1, then boil the kettle for tea coffee and oxo I used to wait on them hand and foot! Great times though.

By Terry Howard
On 22/11/2013

When I worked at Mr Wherry's Dental Surgery at 'Willowhale', Meeching Road, in the late '50s with Jackie Patten (Kennard), there was nothing we loved more than a warm jam turnover from Funnell's with our coffee!

By Janet Finn (Purcell)
On 11/01/2014

Where we used to get our Victoria sponge cakes for Sunday tea.


By Margaret Stuart nee Nunn
On 21/09/2016

My aunt Nancy, whose married name was Woods, worked here for many years during and after the WWII .. is she remembered?

By Tony Edwards
On 12/06/2019

Hi Tony , I remember Auntie Nancy and visited her many times as a young child in her bungalow on the Mount.

I have a photo of her when she first started working for my Grandad and then she worked for my Dad 

By Joanna Szalay( nee Funnell)
On 02/01/2021

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