Award winners c1975

By Trevor Sexton

These Cadets circa 1975 all receiving the Silver Duke of Edinburgh's award at the Sea Cadet Unit in Newhaven.

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My brother Robert Eager is in the back row second from the left, he went on to serve in the Royal Navy on Submarines and then went on to join the met police and has recently retired. Fourth and sixth from the left are the Davis twins and I think it is Andre Leister in the middle of them.

By Lyn Preece (Nee Eager)
On 10/02/2012

Eon Matthews, Robert Eager (me), Paul Deakin, Haydn (I think, it's been a while.) Andre Lester and Bryn. Sadly I can't remember the front row.

By Robert Eager
On 11/02/2012

Front row on the left is Roy Francombe (who joined the Merchant Navy ), middle boy I can't remember and me on the end. If you look closely you will see that Eon Matthews (1st on the back row) is in his Royal Navy uniform and I believe he was on the HMS Ark Royal and I was based at HMS Dryad when this photo was taken.

By Kevin MacDonald
On 19/02/2012

Mac you were slim then. Robert Eager retired? Surely not, he is not old enough. ha! ha!

By Eon Matthews
On 24/03/2012

Front row middle, I want to say his surname is 'Daniels' but I can't remember his first name. My mum Fran (or Mrs Patten) to this group, can still rattle off all the names having served in the tuck shop at 'stand easy' for many years.

By Rob Patten
On 10/04/2012

Yes it is Michael Daniels.

By Brian Breeds
On 07/03/2014

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