Meeching Avenue shop

By Christopher Jarvis

My family moved into the shop mid-1940s from London. I was born in 1948 in the flat above the shop, my brother Peter was born there in1950. The family moved from the shop in 1951. The first picture shows my father standing outside - notice the anti-blast protection on the windows. The shop sold sweets, tobacco, stationary, and 'fancy goods'. Another picture shows my mother behind the counter and the third picture shows some the stock.

Photo:B. Jarvis outside his shop in Meeching Avenue

B. Jarvis outside his shop in Meeching Avenue

Courtesy of Christopher Jarvis

Photo:Mrs Jarvis inside shop

Mrs Jarvis inside shop

Courtesy of Christopher Jarvis

Photo:B. H. Jarvis stock

B. H. Jarvis stock

Courtesy of Christopher Jarvis

This page was added by Christopher Jarvis on 09/05/2012.
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Looking at the first picture and personally having been been in a situation where I was subject to a bomb blast, it makes me wonder just what protection the window coverings, shown here would have provided. Then looking at the top right hand corner of the second picture brings back memories of my own childhood, Zoo animals, soldiers & farm animals, all made from lead and decorated, no doubt, with lead based paints. Why aren't I dead from lead poisoning?? Then in the third picture of those products I can make out, can identify Zubes cough sweets, Beechams Pills, Sifta Salt, Farmers Glory Wheat Flakes, Kelloggs Corn Flakes, Scotts Porridge oats. Aspro tablets, Anadin tablets, Freezone (a remedy for corns), 7o'clock razor Blades, Three Bears Oats, Keiller Marmalade, Bovril and finally Marlboro & Senior Service Cigarettes. Memories for that is mostly what they are.

By Richard
On 10/05/2012

Its interesting the comment about the blast (or rather lack of) protection that the boarding may have provided to the shop windows. My Grandmother Naomi Jefferies told me there was an emormous blast in 1943 when an ammunition ship slipped its mooring in the harbour and blew up, blowing the windows in of their house called Moorcroft on the Mount. My family were evacucted to Newhaven to be safe from the blitz in London!!!

By Christopher Jarvis
On 26/05/2012

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