152 Gibbon Road c1960

By Christopher Jarvis

The picture shows my brother Peter and Me standing outside our home in Gibbon Road. The house was originally No.114 but was later changed to No.152 after new houses were built at the bottom of the road.

Photo:152 Gibbon Road   c1960

152 Gibbon Road c1960

Courtesy of Christopher Jarvis

This page was added by Christopher Jarvis on 09/05/2012.
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I'm assuming that the path to the right leads up to the school playing field. If so, I used to walk up and down those steps, and the ones on the opposite side of Gibbon Road, every day to and from school.

Yes, they led up to a gate halfway down to the very bottom corner of Southdown School's (later Tideway Lower School's) field. Andy-Editor.

By Rob Patten
On 10/05/2012

The allotments to the side of the steps and behind our house have since been built on.

By Chris Jarvis
On 11/05/2012

Hi Chris, I was wondering if you were at Southdown Primary School with me from 1955 onwards as I remember a Chris Jarvis being there. 

By Neill Jupp
On 12/05/2012

Hi Neill, yes I was, and I do remember you. I hope you are keeping well! A lot of water has passed under the bridge since we were at school eh? Chris J

By Chris Jarvis
On 15/05/2012

Hi Chris, Yes a lot of water and wine I am well married and living in Kendal Cumbria. Now retired and enjoying life to the full, playing lots of golf and enjoying seeing the rest of the world. Neill

By Neill Jupp
On 18/05/2012

Well Neill, what a lovely part of the country you live in now! I live in sunny Worthing - I didn't get that far from Newhaven did I? I'm semi-retired, just doing 3days now. Unfortunately I suffered a severe stroke last June, which has affected my walking, but I try to push myself to gain more mobility hopefully as time goes by. All the best, Chris

By Chris Jarvis
On 19/05/2012

We lived at 105 Gibbon Road - Happy memories!!! Kathy

By Kathy Goff (Ingram)
On 24/05/2012

My Aunt & Uncle, May & William Izzard + children lived at 91 Gibbon Road for many years. William Izzard was a postman. Ahh, those fond memories!!! There used to be a shop set back, lower down the road, I think called Niners?

By Christopher Jarvis
On 26/05/2012

Hi Chris, I will be in Brighton on the 27th of October. Would like to meet up if that is okay. Look me up on Facebook under Jean Jupp. Regards Neill.

By Neill jupp
On 21/10/2012

Chris Are you the same "Chris" that did a veg round on Saturdays for McFee's in the early sixties?

By Ian Bishop
On 22/10/2012

Haha. We lived next door, they pulled our house down to build Hanson Road.

By lee
On 23/02/2013

I can remember the steps up to the school, if you were playing in the field by them you couldn't hear the whistle for the end of playtime. I had a couple of tellings off for not coming in on time. I can recall the shop in Gibbon Road it was on the right hand side as you walked up the road. Later when I started work one of the plasterers who used to work for the firm used to live there. I think his name was Duncan, I cant think of his surname. Wasnt there a Fish & Chip shop down the bottom somewhere ?

Think the name you are strugglng to remember Terry is Duncan Forbes.

  John -- editor

By Terry Howard
On 04/05/2013

We had one of the allotments to the left of those steps (mid 70s) I remember the Russell family living just below us - they had racing pigeons !!

By Bill Simmons
On 04/05/2013

Thats the fella John, you knew there would be some fun and games when Duncan arrived on site. He would have the whole place in fits of laughter. Les and Ernie our foremen were not so amused! Great chap Duncan.

By Terry Howard
On 09/05/2013

We had a caravan (on what is now Newhaven Heights) and had Fish & Chips from a van from Gibbon Road every week. Circa 50's. Great memories.

By Simon Morris
On 30/08/2015

Just as a matter of interest, the Jarvis who did the veg round on Saturday morning for McFee's was Peter (me) not Chris (my elder brother.) Regards, Peter Jarvis.

By Peter Jarvis
On 05/08/2018

Cool. I used to live at 137. Was a happy family home for me growing up in the 90s. I remember the chap next door, John, I think he kept pigeons at the top of his garden in a shed and raced them I think.

By Si Ransom
On 05/08/2018

I remember you Chris, my family, the Waltons, lived opposite you for many years.

By Terry Walton
On 06/08/2018

Reading the above has brought back so many memories, my father (Selwyn) and I raced pigeons. Also remember having to push the cars up the road when it snowed. Great times.

By Mark Russell
On 27/04/2019

I think I must have worked in every  other house in Gibbon Road. Bannisters Builders must have had a maintenance deal with the council. We always seemed to be replacing broken glass or the whole window first with wooden windows then later we were putting in the galvanised metal ones, called Crittle windows, they were easy enough to put in but the glass was held in with a little spring clip, if you didn't cut your finger on the glass the clip would get you. Fast forward about 25 - 30 years and I was taking them out and replacing them with UPVC windows,  mostly in Brighton. (you could make more money in Brighton)

By Terry Howard
On 03/05/2019

I used to live at 122 just above the circle very happy memories of growing up there. Was friend with Kathy Goff, Tricia Izzard, Valerie Holland’s and Carol Baker. X

By Susan Gutsell nee Smith
On 29/12/2019

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