A view from 1998

By Andy Gilbert

This superb photo of Tideway School was published by The Argus in 1998 and shows its magnificent position atop the South Downs, overlooking the sea and harbour. Was there ever a better location for a school than this?

Our thanks for this photo go to Mrs Sue Carnochan (née Butlin), who taught history at Newhaven County Secondary School and Tideway School from 1962 to 1993, teaching both my older sister and me in the process.

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Photo:Tideway School from the air

Tideway School from the air

© The Argus, 1998

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 05/06/2012.
Comments about this page

I remember it well, went there in the 50's & left in 62, also the smaller junior school in the front and the green space behind it. For many years farmer Bowles had corn or spud fields. I spent many hours with the family picking spuds and some went home in the bottom of my sister Julies pram.

By Ray Sexton
On 07/06/2012

I too remember it well: Never was there a better location to play football on the games fields, in winter, with the sleet coming in horizontally while Taffy Davis (the games master) stayed in the office and sent the assistant teacher out to referee! It was lovely in the summer though.

By David Woolford
On 08/06/2012

Was there ever a better location for a school? I hated walking there and back from South Heighton. 

By Ron Herriott
On 08/06/2012

Cross country running across the farmer's field (always muddy) towards Taffy Davis's house, down to the radar site by the cliff edge and back to the playing fields and having to wrestle with the doors in E and F block when a gale was blowing.

Funny, Mrs Carnochan and I were talking about this when she loaned me the photo to scan. Health & Safety would have kittens about the cross country course near the cliffs! Andy, Editor

By Rob Patten
On 09/06/2012

I recognise the transmitter as I live on the new estate that now occupies the fields between it and the school. I think I recognise some of the old houses as some of them still nestle amongst the new houses and then further back on Pevensey Rd and The Highway and onto Peacehaven. Can anyone supply any further information and/or reference points.

By Linda
On 11/11/2012

As Ron says it is a great position for a school, in my school days I spent a lot of time looking out of the windows! The cross country running was always in the wettest part of the winter and I really struggled in the mud. I used to cycle to school from Denton up the Drove along the river wall and up Gibbon Road, call in for Eddie Holman on the way where his sister would try to get me to tell her if Ed had a girlfriend or any other secrets she could tease him with. I never said anything Ed, honest! Some days in the summer I used to cycle home for lunch. Wish I was that fit now.

By Terry Howard
On 16/11/2012

I went to Tideway when it was new and first opened. It was further to walk to than the old school in town. My friend and I walked from Mount Pleasant along the Drove with some Grammar school boys who caught the train to Lewes, then we continued along the Harbour and up Gibbon road. After school we rushed the reverse route back to the station in time for the boys train to arrive then walk home together again. My father used to drive by us on the Drove on his way to work but the only time he drove me to school was for my first day after we had moved to the area. He bought me a duffle coat with a hood instead! If the kids of today had to walk or cycle to school like us old 'uns, they would be much fitter!

By Brenda Hall
On 17/11/2012

I went to Tideway ( the original one! ) 1976-1982 as I stayed on a year in further education. Yes the position of the school certainly meant that we got the worst of the wet windy weather straight off the sea! I remember tying to play rounders in the far field one particularly cold day and as we had on those stupid minute little ORANGE PE skirts your legs were stung to pieces by the wind and went bright red, you couldn't feel your hands, never mind swing a bat, except maybe at MISS (flirty) FORD!! Anyone else remember ?

By Della Gisby
On 17/05/2013

Hi all. I am trying to piece together some information from the local community. I would like to know is students or staff ever used the path from Tideway school what is now Court Farm Road? Did you go to school to and from this way? Did you ever take a school trip to the Newhaven Fort on foot and used the field to walk directly there? Any information would be great, especially any dates (years). Thank you all in advance.

By Joe Emery
On 27/11/2020

I would have started this year.

Seem to remember the smokers but on the right next to the bushes.

It's a shame there weren't more pictures of this place, the interior etc like the drama room and common rooms.

I remember the last day of the school years rocking the Metro Busses that pulled up out front. Or the "bundles" as huge groups of students got stuck in the corridors between D and E block. 

Weirdly, she will be missed.

By Tom Taylor
On 18/10/2022

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