By Rob Patten

I thought I would add these pictures, dated 1982, to illustrate how the lifeboat and pilot boat would work together in bringing an unwieldy casualty into Newhaven, as mentioned in a previous entry. The Galaxy was towed into Newhaven by the 'Louis Marchesi of Round Table' lifeboat, looking quite the worse for wear. In order to maintain control in the approaches the pilot boat attached a line to the stern of the Galaxy to act as a drogue, to stop her bearing off to one side with the effects of wind and/or tide. Entering Newhaven without this could have resulted in the casualty being swept into Seaford Bay, the wrong side of the East Pier. Once safely in the harbour the casualty would be manoevered alongside a convenient berth by the lifeboat and pilot boat, or brought up alongside the lifeboat and lashed together, thus allowing the lifeboat to use its powerful engines and rudders to move the casualty within the confines of the harbour. In this case it appears they have opted to use the pilot boat, although the heavy fenders can be seen rigged on the lifeboat's starboard side as a precaution.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SAILING VESSEL GALAXY' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SAILING VESSEL GALAXY' page
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Thanks Rob for posting this interesting follow up to the item on the Emily Barratt. The Galaxy was clearly a larger vessel to deal with but good to see she was safely brought into harbour.

By Derek Longly
On 20/07/2012

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