An old Newhaven shop

By Andy Gilbert

Photo:Parkers in Meeching Road

Parkers in Meeching Road

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Parkers - c1948

Parkers - c1948

Ginny Smith collection

With the double glazing company in Meeching Road having moved to new premises in Peacehaven, their former showroom is being redeveloped. In the process, the work has exposed this old sign. And just look at those beautiful old window frames, that were still there underneath all that new white uPVC!

Do you remember the shop? Did you work or shop there? Please let us know.

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 03/09/2012.
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Yes I do remember Parkers, it was where I bought my first oilskin and work shirts before boarding the Londres at the start of my sea career. How amazing that the old facia is still there in all it's glory. Parkers was one of the old style gents outfitters. I wonder how many other old facias are still there around the town.

By Jim Still
On 03/09/2012

My Grandparents (Clement and Doris Lower), used to live at 82, Brighton Road, next door to a Mrs Parker. I remember being told that her husband used to own a menswear shop; I guess this would have been it! I seem to remember that they had another branch in Seaford, although I may be wrong about this. She would always smile and say hello over the garden fence; she was a nice lady as I recall. I have no memory at all of her husband, perhaps he had passed away before my time. I spent a lot of time at no.82 during the sixties and seventies.

By Martin Lower
On 03/09/2012

Let's hope that as part of the 'redevelopment', the beautiful ornate window frames and signage arent simply thrown into the skip.

By Rob Patten
On 04/09/2012

Since posting the photo, I've been thinking. I can remember being bought school uniforms in the early 60's and I'm think the shop was here in Meeching Road, but the name I remember is Wigglesworth. Same shop under new owners, or am I mis-remembering things?

By Andy Gilbert
On 07/09/2012

Andy, you are right. Uniform from Wigglesworth and Tuff shoes from the Co-oP!

By Ian Bishop
On 07/09/2012

Sorry Rob, I was walking the dog last night and saw that the the ornate window frames have gone - replaced by a wall of block work. The sign is still there (for now), but I expect it will be gone before much longer - crying shame.

By Adrian Elliott
On 07/09/2012

Maybe someone should scurry over there to see if the frames are still onsite so they can be rescued for the museum.

Good idea! Anyone able to do this? Andy-Editor.

By Rob Patten
On 09/09/2012

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