Rock Climbing

Brenda Hall

This photo is dated September 1961 and is of my late brother Edward (Eddy) Hubbard (1946-1965) on a rock climbing school trip with teacher Mr. (Taffy) Davis.

Photo:Edward Hubbard - pictured Sep 1961

Edward Hubbard - pictured Sep 1961

Branda Hall

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I'm guessing this would have been part of Taffy's annual 'welsh camp' trips that took place during the summer. I was fortunate enough to attend one near Llangorse Lake in South Wales, just outside of Merthr. I was back there a couple of years later training with the military which was a bit odd, like deja vu.

By Rob Patten
On 17/09/2012

I don't know if it was in Wales or not Rob, I only remember that they went rock climbing & the photo only has the date on the back. My other brother went to Dieppe camping with him in 1965 but I only have that on video, from a cine film. I remember when Mr. Davis was the new PE teacher, we spotted him in the school hall & all the girls fancied him but I wondered what all the fuss was about because I thought he was short! :)

By Brenda Hall
On 20/09/2012

Went to school with Eddy & often crossed paths with him, after leaving. Very nice lad.

By Bill Simmons
On 14/12/2012

Thank you for your nice comment Bill. He would have been 66 on 16/12/12, I guess you remember what happened to him. I still miss him.

By Brenda Hall
On 15/12/2012

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