Newhaven Carnival Prince and Princess

By Karen Mayo

Childrens Carnival, Prince; David Hood to his left sister Jane Hood, girl at the back Rachel Gayenot not sure who is next to her? possibly girl furthest to the right is Jennifer Rogers can anyone confirm?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN CARNIVAL' page
This page was added by Karen Mayo on 05/10/2012.
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Hi. That's not me on the left. I think it could be Alison Thomas.

By Jayne Hood
On 27/03/2015

Further thinking - I think it's Rowan Thomas. I think her mum is called Alison.

By Jayne Hood
On 28/03/2015

The girl on the far right is Rachel Shephard. Who finally got married on Saturday 28th March. Amazing wedding and an amazing friend. Well done Rachel.

By Tashamac
On 31/03/2015

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