Beresford Road

Photo taken in the late 1950's.

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No. 47, it does look sad, doesn't it? More my rubbish teenage photography than the house, I think, as it was a new build in the mid 1950's, it cost my parents the princely sum of £2,000! The mess in the front is where my dad (Ken Hubbard) had just finished building the garage & the linked porch/hall with see-through roof. Behind the garage he built his office where I did my homework on Sunday mornings. In the porch/hall mum had our very first refrigerator, a cream one with rounded edges which she gave to me later on. I remember coming home late one night too afraid to ring the doorbell as I was not given a key even though I was working. I went round the back garden & put the double extension ladder up to my bedroom window. When I climbed up there, in my stilettos, I found my window was shut! So down I had to climb again, put the ladder back, then go round the front & ring the bell! Nobody ever said anything but I often wonder what would have happened if I had been able to get in my window & left the ladder up, or would I have gone downstairs & outdoors to put the ladder back? Dad also built a dining room extension on the back later on but mum shut out the lovely view with venetian blinds. The front room was only used on special occasions back then. He named the house Grafton because it had had a lot of graft (work) on it. I think the car was a pale blue Vauxhall Velox/Velux. The garage & link are still there according to Google earth street walk. Oh and so is the house!


By Brenda Hall
On 09/10/2012

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