By Karen Mayo

The first two pictures show the Lifeboat "Charles Henry Ashley" now known as "Charles Ashley" using the old Lifeboat House, this particular vessel was built in 1949 and served in Wales for 30 years, from 1979 to 1982 she was used as a relief Lifeboat in Cornwall, Does anyone know why we have a visit from this small Lifeboat? This boat is currently in central France and is for sale! 

The next picture shows the Lifeboat "Louis Marchesi of Round Table" (44019) 1977 - 1985 moored at the West Quay, the final photograph looks like a display for the then new Lifeboat "Keith Anderson" 1985 - 2000, notice the fine condition of the Railway Quay and the Marine Workshops in the background!

Photo:Charles Henry Ashley

Charles Henry Ashley

Karen Mayo

Photo:Charles Henry Ashley and the Old Lifeboat House

Charles Henry Ashley and the Old Lifeboat House

Karen Mayo

Photo:Louis Marchesi of Round Table

Louis Marchesi of Round Table

Karen Mayo

Photo:Keith Anderson

Keith Anderson

Karen Mayo

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Charles Henry Ashley was a relief lifeboat that was kept in storage for a while in our empty boathouse. The Newhaven crew would keep it clean, deliver it to other stations as needed and occasionally use it as a second boat during excercises with the station lifeboat. The last picture showing the Arun class "Keith Anderson" is; i'm guessing; raft race day when the lifeboat would be positioned just downstream of the bridge as a safety boat. You can see the smaller inshore boat that is carried on top of the Arun lashed alongside with crew members onboard just in case someone ends up in the river. We also used to have spirited water fights using our fire-fighting hose with any similiarly equipped rafts as they came through the bridge.

By Rob Patten
On 12/10/2012

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