By Karen Mayo

This is a  postcard of the sandy beach, as a family in the eighties we spent many happy times there in the school holidays. Opposite the beach you could buy ice creams, tea and sandwiches and the children would ride on the motorised type bikes. The beach was always packed and on a good day you would have to leave early if you wanted to set up your towel near the wall. 

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN SANDY BEACH' page
This page was added by Karen Mayo on 10/10/2012.
Comments about this page

I would have thought that the picture was more like the 1950's, looking at the dress style and the cars.

By bob sexton
On 15/03/2014

This photo was taken in 1964/5 and was one of several taken the same day I think.  I was eight at the time, and the boy in the foreground walking gingerly along the fence line may have been me.

By Colin Hussey
On 02/05/2023

The photo is colourised from black and white, but I always look at the clothes and the cars, as Bob Sexton said back in 2014.

Now look at the extreme left, right next to what might be Colin's head. That car is hard to ID but would certainly fit with the suggested mid 1960s date. And it looks like the raised roof of a Dormobile as well. Clothes look too modern for 1950s. The flagpole above the bandstand is still there - does anyone have a firm date for its removal?


By Andy Gilbert
On 02/05/2023

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