Class Photo - c1966

By Laurie Stonehouse

The following picture was taken in the lower playground of the old Meeching Infants School, are you in the photograph or do you know any of the pupils in this image?

Photo:Meeching Infants Class Photo - c1966

Meeching Infants Class Photo - c1966

J K Stonehouse Collection

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 06/12/2012.
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I was there in '66 and I think this would be Mrs Phelps' class next door to Mrs Coleman's - Or the other way around, I spent time in both classes! Anyway, it's not much help, but it's a start: Back row 2nd from left: Jean Barnet? Back row, 3rd from left: Andrew or Anthony ??? Back row, far right: Paul ??? Middle row, 4th from left: Neil Cameron? Front row, 3rd from left: Jeff Morley? Front row 3rd from right: Stephanie? (Polish surnane) Front row, 2nd from right: Ann ??? I'm quite prepared to stand corrected and I'd say I have a bad memory, but it is 46 years ago! Must dig out my class photo of '66.

By David Woolford
On 20/12/2012

Hi Dave, I can help with a few names for these faces. Back row, ?, Jean Barnett, Graham Berry, Mark Connelly,?, ?, Guy Pilkington , ?, Paul Deakin. Middle row, Simon Taylor,?,?,Neil Cameron, ?, ?,Steve Meredith, Lynn Porritt. Front row,?,Charlie Littlejohn, Jeff Morley,Martin Smith, Susan Cartwright, Stephanie Wojakoski, Ruth Davey, Simone Norris.

By Jeff Morley
On 02/09/2013

I see my brother Simon Taylor--far left in the middle row. I love these old photos and I wish there were more.

By Caroline Morrison
On 30/12/2013

Please can someone help me, I was born in July 1961 I think my first teacher was Canadian at my first school so I would of been there in 1965/66 does anyone remember? 

By Tommy Judges
On 30/01/2014

Hello Tommy, Mrs Greenfield was Canadian, she was my first teacher back in 1952.

By Bruce Macphee
On 02/02/2014

Back row, fourth from the left is my brother Mark Connelly

By Matt Robinson
On 18/02/2014

I think you'll find that in the front row, second from the right is Theresa Ellyatt, not Ruth Davey.

By Roy Ellyatt
On 11/11/2014

Back row 7th from the left  Karen Reed.

By Karen Reed
On 22/03/2021

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