The harbour bucket dredger. Pictured in 1983

By Alan Terrill

I used to love watching the dredgers in action at the harbour as a child. The sound of the engine and the buckets scraping, the smell of the mud and the fascinating journey of the grey slimy mud as it made its way up the incline and then down the shute into the waiting barge. Here's one I still have in my album from 1983.

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She only had a couple more years left here at Newhaven. The cynic in me would say that the day she stopped working was the day the harbour started to silt up, losing trade as a direct result. I too remember those sounds, they'd carry for miles on a still summer's day. And happy memories of towing the barges out to sea with the tug Meeching.

By Andy Gilbert
On 01/02/2013

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