Lifeboat at slipway

By Lee Morris

I've added three photos from Barry Johnson showing the lifeboat as she is now. Andy - Editor

Photo:Good Hope recovery

Good Hope recovery

Courtesy of: Newhaven Historical Society

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'GOOD HOPE RECOVERY' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'GOOD HOPE RECOVERY' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'GOOD HOPE RECOVERY' page
This page was added by Lee Morris on 13/06/2018.
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The two shore helpers on the slipway are, on the left , the late Martin Hills ( Head Launcher ) and Michael Moore on the right.

By John Hills
On 19/11/2007

Off topic for the lifeboat, but a curious event is occuring behind her. The vessel at the car ramp is not a ferry, but a specialist car carrier, the Dora Riparia [built 1976, scrapped 2002]. She's the longest vessel to use the ramp, even longer than the Dieppe.

To enable her to use the ramp, the Newhaven work barge Barrowhead has been placed in position. The ship's ramp is lowered onto Barrowhead, as is the shore ramp, making a connection. I'd guess this was OK for loading cars, but probably not a great idea for trucks!

By Andy Gilbert
On 19/03/2008

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Martin Hills, because as a newbie lifeboatman we had to do our spell as help for the launching authorites so I spent many a night making the obligatory cup of tea and listening to how the world could be made better. All very enjoyable though and many happy memories, especially the Parrot stories.

By Rob Patten
On 22/05/2008

You will be pleased to know Rob,  Martin's parrot is still going strong at the ripe old age of 48 !!!

By John Hills
On 24/05/2008

When and for how long, was the "Good Hope" stationed at Newhaven. Also for interest, what number did it carry?The name "Good Hope" is not listed in the RNLI souvenir booklet commemorating the naming of "David and Elizabeth Ackland".

On 28/10/2008

The Good Hope was stored in the old lifeboat house as an emergency reserve boat for the South East district. She was a Watson class lifeboat with the official number of (I think) 821. She was not actually the station lifeboat at Newhaven although she was maintained by the Newhaven crew and would regularly be taken to sea by them to conduct joint exercises with the Newhaven Lifeboat. Quite often she would play the part of 'casualty' and be rescued by the station boat. The Newhaven crew would also take her away to a station where she would be placed on relief to cover for another station boat being in refit or damaged. When she was retired from the active fleet her place in the boathouse was taken by the RNLB Tynesider, a similiar boat, numbered 852, which features in several photographs taken when working in conjunction with the Newhaven Lifeboat in searching for survivors from an overturned fishing vessel, Dec 13/81. Previous to the Good Hope, the boathouse was home to relief lifeboat 803, Canadian Pacific, and; of course; was the home of Newhavens slipway lifeboats, Sir Fitroy Clayton, Cecil & Lilian Philpott, and Kathleen Mary, before the arrival of the Waveney Fast Afloat Boat "Louis Marchesi of Round Table".

By Rob Patten
On 07/11/2008

'The Good Hope' ( O.N. 821 ) was a 46' Watson class lifeboat built in 1939, she was stationed at Montrose from 1939 to 1972 and then served in the relief fleet from 1972-1980. Now the " Myra Jane " at Cardiff Yacht Club.

By Lance White
On 06/02/2009

I always wondered what happened to the "Good Hope" as my grandfather was her coxswain. I have photos of her on the slipway in Montrose being painted, before going on the cradle, she sat in. When the boat was taken down to Edinburgh my mother worked in the Princess Cafe in Princes Street, just across from where the boat was on show, the crew would come in the cafe for their cuppas and as sugar was still on ration mum would keep sugar lumps for the crew when they came in. My mother and father met as a result of this boat. I did have a photo of her when she was on display in Princes Street, Edinburgh in the 1950's, but I gave it to someone and never got it back. But I do have a model of her made by Sandy Tulloch who lived in Ferryden by Montrose. We are at present building a new lifeboat station here in Montrose and any photos of the "Good Hope"  would be most welcome.

By Rosie Mallie
On 13/11/2012

Rosie, if you contact the current Newhaven lifeboat crew they have several photographs of the Good Hope when she was stored in relief at Newhaven.

Rosie, if you go to you'll find a blue email link to the site's Webmaster, Nick Gentry. I'm sure he'll be able to help. Andy - Editor

By Rob Patten
On 09/12/2012

The boat is now in Barry dock.

By Geoff
On 29/03/2014

The Good Hope is in Watchet. I own the boat.

Could we have a photo to add to this page please? Andy-Editor

By Mark Shkensberg
On 12/05/2015

I was in Bristol on 7th June 2018 and came across EX RNLB The Good Hope Of Montrose. (3 pictures added above) Im not sure if this is the same one that was stationed at Newhaven in the old boathouse as a reserve vessel.

It's the same boat, Barry. She was RNLB Good Hope, and stationed at Montrose, as described in previous comments. That explains the name now on the bow. Andy-Editor  

By Barry Johnson
On 15/06/2018

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