PHOTO 1986-87

"1/2S" (7-9 years, now "Years 3 & 4")

By Stephen Pilfold

Miss Scott/Mrs Gibson's Class of 1986-87.  Miss Scott got married in early 1987 I believe.

This class was actually mixed age, numbered 1/2S, if I recall correctly, so the ages of the pupils are actually 7-9 years old.  We were taught as 1st and 2nd years mixed, then the 2nd year pupils went as one lump to be with some 4th years and then when we became second years, our age group of the class were then mixed with the new intake for the next year.  We were also mixed in the 3rd year (gosh, this is complex!) but in the 4th year the three "half" classes were formed into two (Miss Axford and Mr Edwards) and the whole school was then taught as single year groups.  It was this year that the "Beehive" class was disbanded.

Top Row:
Garry Fawkes, Brett Dean, ??, Jay Pickering, David Lancaster, Samuel Clements, Stephen Pilfold
Second Row:Michelle Evans, Claire(?) ??, Gemma Middleton, Anna Hough, Justine ??, Karen Rolmanis, Kirsty Crossthwaite, Carolyn Jupp, Lisa Wettleson
Thrid Row:Tracy Cutmore (sp?), Anita Deakin(?), Rebecca Weedon, ??, Stephanie Webb, Sharon Larkin, Zoe Hudson, Gemma ?
Bottom Row:??, Barry Woodhouse(?), Andrew Allan, Paul Elliot, Alexis ??

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Omg! Its been ages since I saw this photo, I actually have the same copy somewhere!
Anna Woolgar (Hough)

By Anna Woolgar
On 14/02/2008

I have the 1985 one of these with Mrs Couture as the class teacher, before the classes were mixed year groups; I will dig it out.
Third from the left in the back row is one of the Cox boys - they went to Canada. I don't think it's Michael, he was in my class, I think it's his younger brother; there were 3 of them.
Fourth from left in the third row is Claire Dartnell
Claire in the second row is Claire North, and Justine is Justine Curl

By Toni Holman
On 21/12/2009

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