Store staff

By Elizabeth Deakin/Maurice Deakin

We found this picture of the Thorns Store Staff. We know most of the people but could use some help.

Left to right- Back row: Myself (Maurice Deakin), Pearce ?, Charlie ?, Johnny Allen, Richard ?, Ron Smith, Paul Blackman

Left to right- Front Row: Brian Deakin, John Richardson, Lou Geest, Alfie Hawkins, Vic Vicary, John ?, Ron O'Levy.



Photo: Illustrative image for the 'THORNS, DENTON ISLAND.' page
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I can fill in some names. Back row......Charlie was Charlie Wynn, he was for many years a London cabby who had some amazing stories that we use to enjoy every lunchtime, Richard was Dick Rae. Front row.......John is John Baldwin. This photo was taken by my Dad, Joe Blackman, it was originally a slide which I still have so he must have converted to photos at some stage and given them to various people. One sad note, Johnny Allen was married to Sandy, who also worked at the factory but sadly she passed away 2 years ago. They emigrated to Canada in 1972 and I stayed in regular contact with them both. This photo was taken around 1965 or '66 and we were all Storemen working on what was then Ferguson Radio Corporation on Denton Island part of the 'Thorn' group of Companies.

By Paul Blackman
On 04/05/2013

Mog don't you look so young, hope everyone are well.

By Richard Wellfare
On 10/05/2013

Hello Rich, hope you and family are well, have you any old photos of the Thorns days with your dad in them?

By Maurice and Kay Deakin
On 24/05/2013

Hi Maurice and Kay................. yes we are all well thank you, hope you all are to.............. I ask mum if she got any pictures............. My email is.............. (been removed site rules ! see below) it would be wonderfull to catch up again......... take care

If Maurice or Kay Deakin read this comment could you please post your email address in a comment on this page and we will pass on Richards email address to you both... as the email address you have posted with us on the website does not work...

John Hills -- Editor

By Richard Wellfare
On 30/05/2014

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