April 2013

By Richard Beckett

EAGER CHILDREN OF DENTON ISLAND ( View page ) "The comment above naming my father Ron Hollingdale is a great shock and l wonder if the comments "it is likely that the boys were sons of un..." Gill Hollingdale 29/04/2013

S.S. FALAISE ( View page ) "All those dials and clocks would sell for a small fortune nowadays...mounted on some arty café wall- There is a current fashion for suc..."

Cathy Mackenzie Created27/04/2013;27/04/2013

T.S.S. ISLE OF THANET ( View page ) "My father volunteered for the 1st Rifle Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment during WW 2. His unit were seconded to the Royal Artillery and were..."

Mark Leverson 26/04/2013

HAMPDEN ARMS ( View page ) "More about the Deakin family. Flo and Fred(?) Deakin and family lived near us, in Lewes Road. The youngest son, Colin, was a year or so olde..." William Stovell 25/04/2013

HAMPDEN ARMS ( View page ) "I thought the blocked up tunnel from the pub could have been the officers off-duty underground access to a drink or three! Guess the pubs

..." Brenda Hall 25/04/2013

HAMPDEN ARMS ( View page ) "Message for Paul Blacklman. He does live in Newhaven and he told me to let you know that the other lady the both of you played darts with wa..." Elizabeth Deakin 25/04/2013

HAMPDEN ARMS ( View page ) "There is a book(let) The Secret Tunnels of South Heighton  HMS Forward re the tunnels use during the war teleprinters etc. Maybe they ..." Brenda Hall 23/04/2013

HAMPDEN ARMS ( View page ) "Message for Elizabeth Deakin. Yes I was Maurice and Kay's best man. I worked with Maurice at the factory on Denton Island for nearly 25 ..." Paul Blackman 23/04/2013

HARBOUR PHOTOS FROM JOHN HENDY - 1 ( View page ) "Picture No.2, is it Newhaven's lifeboat the Kathleen Mary, or is it another one on passage? I can't get a clear enough image to tell..." Rob Patten 22/04/2013

HAMPDEN ARMS ( View page ) "Curious. Where did the tunnel lead to that was mentioned in Carly's comment...?" Rob Patten 22/04/2013

ELIM CHURCH, 2008 ( View page ) "Just came across this site  chance. I remember Harold Holdstock and family in Eastbourne in the 50s. Daughter Shirley was my first girl fr..." David Newman 19/04/2013

HORSCRAFT FAMILY PHOTOS ( View page ) "Man on the left in the gypsy caravan is my dad Mick Baker  the looks of it! I've just shown my daughter and we both had a good laugh!!..." Nicola Sole 19/04/2013

THE AIR SEA RESCUE AT NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "Richard Stark (my father) served with the RAF at Newhaven in the air sea rescue from 1941-1944. He was the medic on HSL 190 (whaleback). He ..." 19/04/2013

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL PART 2 ( View page ) "Picture 17- Yes Allister Kenworthy is right that is Pat Kenworthy, she was my great aunt, hello Allister! Beth xx" Elizabeth Deakin 19/04/2013

HAMPDEN ARMS ( View page ) "Reply to Paul Blackman's comment about Maurice DeakinYes, thats right, he was the landlord of The Ship for about 5 years or so and he ..." Elizabeth Deakin 19/04/2013

HARBOUR PHOTOS FROM JOHN HENDY - 1 ( View page ) "Love these pictures...spent many a happy hour going around the harbour in the late 50s early 60s. Spent all my summer holidays in Newha..." James Tant 19/04/2013

SKIFFLE BAND SOUTH HEIGHTON ( View page ) "Wendy Willard married Ron Baker who are my parents, my dad was the main vocalist of the Hampden Hamsters. My mum and Uncle Albert Mockford a..." Ray Baker 19/04/2013

HILLCREST CENTRE, 2007 ( View page ) "My Dad went to this school in the 1930's, he cycled there & back from Rodmell. I daresay his Dad went there too as he lived in Newha..." Brenda Hall 19/04/2013

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL PART 2 ( View page ) "I think that is also Pat Kenworthy in photo 9, kneeling at the back on the right, she had red curly hair, freckles & dimples, was full o..." Brenda Hall 19/04/2013

HIGH STREET / BRIDGE STREET ( View page ) "There was a sweet shop there as well,  somewhere near the red car in the last photo, which also opened on Sundays." Brenda Hall 19/04/2013

PHOTOS FROM THE 50'S AND 60'S ( View page ) "The memory these photos bring back for me, especially in No.10, I can see Mount Pleasant behind the 'Brighton' and I can make o..." Brenda Hall 19/04/2013

HIGH STREET / BRIDGE STREET ( View page ) "I remember the shop. I went to school with the owner's son. His name was Edwin Warns. He has posted some comments on Ournewhaven. Where ..." B. Greenfield 14/04/2013

EAST QUAY - c1961 ( View page ) "I can remember going along there with my parents. The sheerlegs were so big. I could have only been about 9 or 10 years old and was quite in..." Terry Howard 13/04/2013

HIGH STREET / BRIDGE STREET ( View page ) "Does anyone remember the little grocery shop that used to be down the left hand side of the Bridge Inn, cannot remember the ladies name, but..." Gavin Williams 13/04/2013

HILLCREST CENTRE, 2007 ( View page ) "My father, Mr Hopkins actually started at Newhaven Secondary School in 1931 as a student teacher under the craft teacher Mr Larwell. He qual..." Trevor Hopkins 13/04/2013

EAST QUAY - c1961 ( View page ) "I remember the shear legs coming down, from memory it was Mike Smith who sat there with an Oxy Acetylene gun and cut through the last bit." Gavin Williams Created 13/04/2013

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL PART 2 ( View page ) "Picture 17 is indeed Pat Kenworthy. She was my mum, but sadly passed away 12 years ago. Very lovely to see a picture from when she was a gir..." Alistair Kenworthy 13/04/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "Can anyone recommend a good place for Bed and Breakfast in Newhaven please There are several Voilet, do a web search and take your pick.. ..." Violet Hayne


HOPE INN / SANDY BEACH - c1958 ( View page ) "Memories!!! We used to spend the whole day on the Beach and Mum would bring the picnic basket down to us at lunchtime. I have memories ..." Violet Hayne 12/04/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "Hi Michael! Where are you in OZ? I am in Brisbane QLD. Anything I can get a pic of in Newhaven for you?" Violet Hayne 12/04/2013

CHRIST CHURCH ( View page ) "I remember William Still (we always called him Billy) falling out of that tree. I was just passing with some friends when it happened. I did..." B. Greenfield 12/04/2013

BRIDGE STREET ( View page ) "The chemist shop was run  Mr Gibson. You had a job to see him, the place was so cluttered, as he peeped out through a little serving hatch..." B. Greenfield. 12/04/2013

PHOTOS FROM THE 50'S AND 60'S ( Edit | View page ) "My mum and dad used to take us on holidays to Newhaven every year until we migrated to Australia in 1966. My fondest memories of the place w..." Ruth 12/04/2013

NEWHAVEN MARITIME MUSEUM ( View page ) "Peter Bailey Hi Peter! You may remember me as Kate Dunstalls (Canada) niece? I visited a few years ago, from Australia) and was really inter..." Violet Hayne 12/04/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "How lovely to hear from you Mike. I had an aunty in Gibbon Road! Where are you in OZ? I am in Brisbane QLD. Yes as you say memories are swee..." Violet Hayne


HORACE HORSECRAFT'S CONCERTS IN NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "Only just found your reply here Doug. I managed to find Tony, he is still living in Sweden. I will make enquiries as to what email address t..." Terry Howard 12/04/2013

ROSE WALK PARTY ( View page ) "Top picture, on the right is Mrs Comben, in green is Gabrielle (Homewood)? In the second picture  my Mum Giselle Kennard is taking a ph..." Jacqueline Patten (Kennard) 12/04/2013

DOUG STREET - LIVING ON DENTON ISLAND ( View page ) "'Totting' is collecting is collecting scrap metal etc. to resell to make money." B. Greenfield 08/04/2013

SOUTHDOWN JUNIOR SCHOOL ( View page ) "Class Photo. Although I didn't attend this school there are some very familiar faces that I am able to put names to. Back row from the ..." John Hayward 06/04/2013

LIST OF BUILDINGS OF SPECIAL ARCHITECTURAL OR HISTORIC INTEREST ( View page ) "Regarding the the fish and chip shop opposite the Jolly Sailor (the landlord was Mr Simms). The fish shop was owned  Mr Bill Niner, who al..." John Hayward 06/04/2013

DOUG STREET - LIVING ON DENTON ISLAND ( View page ) "Denton Island was my brother Edwin's and my playground from the end of the war until the mid-1950s. In those days few houses were occupi..." Lionel Warnes 06/04/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "Just to like say That I too was born in Newhaven in 1937, in Gibbon Road. Orphaned out aged 4 due to the War. I've lived in Australia si..." Michael Wilder 06/04/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "I was born in Elphick road July 1931, to my parents Lucy and Alec Apted! Both born in Newhaven as were my grandparents Charles and Kate Duns..." Violet Hayne 06/04/2013

1218 SQUADRON BAND ( Edit | View page ) "The wedding was Les & Jeanette Noble" Debbie 06/04/2013

DROVE GARAGE ( View page ) "Quite right Bill. I remember "Polly" living in the top flat. I think he joined the army in the mid/late sixties.." Ernie Robinson 06/04/2013

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL ( View page ) "Gosh, brings back memories. Lovely to see the old photos. Thank you" Debbie Bosworth (nee White-Hunn 06/04/2013

HORACE HORSECRAFT'S CONCERTS IN NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "The chap in the top picture on the left is John Manser who used to live in Western Road just above the boy's school." B. Greenfield 06/04/2013

HIBLING FAMILY ( View page ) "Hi Carol. I am the Granddaughter of Lawrence Hibling who married Alice White. I would love to hear more about your Grandmother Alice, as I h..." Margaret Hibling 06/04/2013

HIBLING FAMILY ( Edit | View page ) "Hi Just looking through the census for the Hiblings and think I may have found a mistake. You mention Arthur was drowned at sea and Horace w..." Zailie Barratt 06/04/2013

CLIFFS AND WEST BEACH, NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "Hi Ross I am not sure as it is quite a few years ago, but my Mum had a friend who lived in Newhaven and her father was a local artists and t..." Margaret Hibling 06/04/2013


CHRIST CHURCH ( View page ) "Are there any pictures showing the archeological dig on the Roman site that was uncovered during construction of South Way and the Police St..." Rob Patten 06/04/2013

RAILWAY WORKERS ( View page ) "Thanks for the input Debbie and Bernice" Nicky Easton 06/04/2013

THE DROVE, 1962 ( View page ) "I believe that one of the Wheatley brothers' daughters suffered from TB and he had a chalet built in the garden that was turned to face ..." B. Greenfield 06/04/2013

THE DROVE, 1962 ( View page ) "I don't know how how true it is but I was told  the son of the gardener that to maintain the display a lot of plastic flowers were use..." B.Greenfield 06/04/2013

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL PART 4 ( View page ) "Who is the girl throwing the discus?" B.Greenfield 06/04/2013

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL ( View page ) "I left this school in July 1959, having stayed on a year to take my GCE's & RSA's in 5a Com. I have the distinction of being the..." B. Hubbard 06/04/2013

GRAYS INFANTS ( View page ) "3rd row 4th from the left Debbie Moss." john Hayward 06/04/2013

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL - 1952 ( View page ) "Back row from left. 1 Ron Parker, 3 Alan Farley, 6 Martin Hills, 7 Brian Avenall, 8 Richard Hayward (my brother) 9 Patrick Franklin. Middle ..." John Hayward 06/04/2013

DUNSTALL FAMILY - c1920's ( View page ) "My grandparents Charles and Caroline Dunstall lived in Chapel Street for many years. I was born in Elphick road many years ago. I love Newha..." Violet Hayne 06/04/2013

MEECHING SCHOOL ( View page ) "Boy, this brings back some very hazy memories! Back row#3 Debbie Porter, #9 ? Franklin, #10 Kevin Aldridge, #11 Keith Jay Middle Row#4 B..." Steve Robinson 06/04/2013

MEECHING SCHOOL - MRS GREENFIELDS CLASS ( View page ) "I was in Mrs Greenfields class a couple of years after this picture before the school was demolished. A year after coming to Canada in 1991 ..." Rob Patten 06/04/2013

MEECHING SCHOOL - MRS GREENFIELDS CLASS ( View page ) "Think Bren and I can help with some names here. Middle row on other side of me from Reg is (I think) Steve Tapp. Moving on from Les in front..." Steve Robinson 06/04/2013

MEECHING SCHOOL - MRS HATWELLS CLASS ( View page ) "Unfortunately we lost John Sexton a few weeks ago! Jane Vacher is the girl in the back row. Two on right in middle row are Debbie Porter and..." Steve Robinson 06/04/2013

DANN'S THE BUTCHERS ( View page ) "Just noticed the name Edwin Warnes, are you the same one whose mother had the shop down  the river? We went to school together in Sid Ray&..." B. Greenfield

HORSCRAFT FAMILY PHOTOS ( View page ) "I remember the chap with the glasses sitting at the  Front of the caravan. His surname was Dennis and he worked for Southern Water at Poverty ..." b.Greenfield

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