By Laurie Stonehouse

The first photograph shows the Terrier 32879, this locomotive was built by Baldwin in 1907.

The second picture shows - LBSCR Stroudley Terrier, No.55 "Stepney"
Class: A1X
Wheels: 0-6-0T
Built: 1875
Numbers carried: 55, 655, B655, 2655, 32655.

The third and fourth pictures are of an LSWR B4 class - No 102 Granville 0-4-0T Built in 1893 also known as "Martello"

Lastly the well known "Fenchurch" with Harry Avis standing outside the Railway Hotel.

Photo:Terrier 32879

Terrier 32879

Newhaven Museum

Photo:Terrier 32655

Terrier 32655

W M J Jackson

Photo:Terrier 32662

Terrier 32662

S C Nash

Photo:Terrier 32662

Terrier 32662

R C Riley

Photo:Terrier "Fenchurch" and Harry Avis

Terrier "Fenchurch" and Harry Avis

R C Riley

Photo:Area where the previous picture was taken - 2009

Area where the previous picture was taken - 2009

L J Stonehouse

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Comments about this page

A nice collection of pictures, Laurie. But allow me to make a few corrections. The first picture is of 32678 (formerly "Knowle") probably in July/August 1963, before the tramway over the swing bridge closed (on 10 August). Knowle is preserved at the Kent and East Sussex Railway. The 3rd and 4th pictures are of 32660 (formerly "Martello"). Also an LBSC Terrier, built at Brighton in October 1875, and now preserved at the Bressingham Steam Museum. (The LSWR B4 class are rather different and smaller locos, with only 4 wheels. Although the class was frequently used at Southampton docks, I do not believe one ever visited Newhaven). One ("Normandy") is preserved at the Bluebell along with Terriers "Stepney" and our own "Fenchurch". Good to see Dick Riley's picture of Fenchurch with Harry Avis again. My father, Bob Cobden, replaced Harry as shunter on the tramway when Harry retired. Regards Alan Cobden

By Alan Cobden
On 05/07/2013

Hi, nice to see these photos.  By the way, Martello (32662) is another Terrier, not a LSWR B4

By Richard
On 11/07/2018

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