Photos from the 1960s

By Andy Gilbert and Susan Carnochan

A few more photos from Susan Carnochan's wonderful collection.
Are you in the photos or can you put some names to the faces?

Photo:Public Speaking Competion - winners?

Public Speaking Competion - winners?

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:A raffle - can you name the people?

A raffle - can you name the people?

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:The choir on stage in the main hall.

The choir on stage in the main hall.

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 22/07/2013.
Comments about this page

I recognize two people in the first photograph - starting from the left: me (Susan Ridley) and standing next to me is Tony Trick. I could guess at the names of some of the others, but I might be wrong.

Please guess away! It may reawaken a few memories for people looking at the page. Andy - Editor

By Susan Edwards (nee Ridley)
On 04/08/2013

Second picture, in the middle, is schoolteacher Gordon Higgs.

By Carol Walton
On 04/08/2013

These may be the wrong names, but - photograph 1, back row 5th from the left is Roger Weeden? Photograph 2 is Tony Trick and Mr. Higgs with (unknown female). Photograph 4, bottom row 4th and 5th from left are Lionel Dorn and Tony Trick.

By Susan Edwards (nee Ridley)
On 05/08/2013

Sorry Susan but I think 5th from left back row in top picture looks like Alan (Pringle) Prior not Roger Weeden but I may be wrong. Good spot to see Lionel Dorn in bottom photo. Often wonder whatever happened to him.

By Paul Blackman
On 06/08/2013

The top photo back row extreme right is Carol Crouch and the front row I think going left to right is Lorna Hodsonberry, Sally Forster, Janice Templeman, Joanna Oast, Susan Herriot, and Anna Raider.

By Suzanne Aylott (Hood)
On 14/10/2013

Top photo.  I think also that it is Allen Prior, third from right and second from the right is Keith Wilson.

By Sigrid Higgs
On 11/07/2014

This was a memory-jogger! In the top photo I'm sure that's my old friend Rosemary Luttman to Tony Trick's left. And the teacher at the table by Mr Higgs is Mrs Wheeler, I think?


By Val Lidster (Vinall)
On 11/07/2014

I well remember Mr Higgs.  Geography teacher.   I didn't do too well in his class but I recall that one day the class were about to walk to the local library to see a display and Mr Higgs was walked up and down the line of children laying down the law and gesticulating with his sunglasses - which promptly fell in half causing hysterical laughter from the students and a certain amount of embarrassment for Mr Higgs.

By Marie Harvey
On 22/09/2014

Re Paul Blackman's comment 6.8.13 yes I still exist. Having retired after 46 years in the Bank I am now General Manager at Lewes Golf Club.

By Lionel Dorn
On 13/02/2015

Hi Lionel. Good to hear you're still around.......and managing my local Golf Club.

By Paul Blackman
On 20/02/2015

Because of his moustache rather than his manner, Mr Higgs' nickname was "Hitler." I recall one day in Geography class when he gave a lengthy talk about the video he was going to show. When he finally plugged in the video machine it didn't work. We all giggled. Unknown to Mr Higgs, prior to his arrival in the classroom, Chris Bird had jammed a penknife into the electrical plug which resulted in huge sparks and shorted out the circuit. Mr Higgs was unhappy at the laughter, realizing that he was the only one in the room who realized the video machine was not going to work.

By Rod Baker
On 16/09/2016

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