Something like it used to be!

By Andy Gilbert

Sunday 4th August 2013, 2.00pm. We'd picked up our grandson and he'd obligingly fallen asleep in the car on the way back from Lewes, so we picked up a couple of milk shakes and headed for the West Pier.

Surprise number one, no-one on duty at the kiosk to collect money from us for parking.

Surprise number 2, loads of people on the sandy beach, enjoying themselves in the same way that we always used to!

No, the spiky iron railings haven't been removed, but with the addition of some new concrete, they have been bent back and it is now very easy to simply walk around them and onto the beach steps. With no-one to tell them otherwise, people just took advantage of the situation.

Maybe, just maybe, the railings will go and this will become the 'norm' once again. However, I feel that the port owners will soon 'rectify' the issue - in their favour.

Photo:Sun, sea and sand!

Sun, sea and sand!

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Is there room to go around?

Is there room to go around?

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Yes, there is!

Yes, there is!

Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 06/08/2013.
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Nice to see these pics of the beach we used to frequent in the summer holidays, when the sun always shone, or so it seemed! Why and when were the railings put there, is it classified as dangerous because of the tides/ferries, or were they expecting another invasion!? Tide Mills used to be a another favourite beach, if you didn't mind the (hot) pebbles. When the cross channel ferry arrived about 4.15pm the brave stayed down by the sea while the rest of us rescued our belongings & sat much further back watching the approaching ferry and the rollers (waves) coming ever bigger and closer. I particularly remember "miching" off Denton Sunday School to go to this beach with my friends. Happy days!

By Brenda Hall
On 11/08/2013

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