Both here at Newhaven

By Andy Gilbert

I spotted the Border Force (formerly H M Customs) cutter Vigilant at the East Quay a few days ago. It reminded me that her predecessor is still moored up at Denton Island, still undergoing a very lengthy restoration/conversion.

Quite a difference between the two!

Photo:The current Vigilant

The current Vigilant

Andy Gilbert

Photo:And the old Vigilant

And the old Vigilant

Andy Gilbert

Photo:This is the right one!

This is the right one!

Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 11/08/2013.
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I have a photo of another Vigilant cutter taken at the same spot. I have compared the two and there are significant differences at the hull level. Anything above there could have been changed, but both hulls seem to be in original condition. My photo is at

OOPS! My mistake. There's been a grey cutter there for so long I assumed it was the same one slowly being hacked about. Might we have permission to add your photo directly to this page to rectify my error. Andy-Editor

By Phil Sutters
On 13/08/2013

Hi Andy - I have given you the OK by email via your contact link, but in case it didn't reach you - you are very welcome to use it. You should be able to down-load it from Flickr. If not let me know and I will send the jpeg direct. Should any of my other Newhaven shots grab you, you are welcome to use them - appropriately of course! You can scrub this correspondence if it makes the page tidier! I am a relative newcomer to the area and live in Seaford, so I don't have anything apart from photos to offer to Our Newhaven, but thank you for your work on the site. Phil

By Phil Sutters
On 23/08/2013

Having moved all my photos to Ipernity, the Vigilant one is at

Thanks Phil, I've added one of my own from years ago. I'll take you up on your kind offer and create a page or two of some of your super photos!


By Phil Sutters
On 22/09/2013

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