By Janet Finn

I am sure many Eastsiders will remember these two, my Great Aunt Fan ( nee Heathfield) and Uncle Reg Evans. He was well-known as a Railway Policeman at the docks, and she was one of the many Eastside Heathfields who were a great part of the childhood of my brother Geoff Purcell and I.

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Hi Janet indeed l remember your family but especially you and Geoff as you lived opposite me at Eastside, my name at time was Jean Naylor eldest of four sisters, the others were Maureen, Chris and Pauline and we lived in Sussex Terrace, Gloria, my cousin and l were only recently going over all the names we remember from those happy times when we could leave our door open and money on the step for the milkman etc. Wonder how long it would be there in todays climate! 

By Jean South
On 01/03/2019

Hello Jean. I am so pleased to hear from you, I often think of  'the old days' down at Eastside. Geoff and I always say how lucky we were to grow up there in that special community where everyone knew everone else and we children always felt safe. I was so pleased you mentioned Gloria, we were very close as youngsters and I have often wondered where she is and what she is doing now. John and I recently had our 58th anniversary and now live in Poole. We have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and just this week had our first great grandchild! I don't very often look at 'our Newhaven',  but luckily my friend, Jacqueline Patten (was Kennard) who you probably remember and now lives in Canada, spotted your message and told me about it, what a small world. I would love to be in touch with you and Gloria, I can easily be found on 'facebook' so maybe we can catch up on there one day?

By Janet Finn
On 18/03/2019


Hi again, Janet was great to have a reply from you as you were so right about how close a community we were. Of course l remember Jacqueline but didn't realise she was now in Canada.  Gloria is in Australia but do not know if she is on Facebook or not although l will ask. I dont use it as we use Whatsapp for messaging but happy to give you email address if you would like it .? I have two girls, five grand children and four great grandchildren as well as two stepchildren and two step grandchildren so Xmas can be a tad pricy haha but they are all worth it. Do you ever wonder where time has gone to these days though? You are certainly to be congratulated on 58 years of marriage though, very well done. l lost my second husband nearly three years ago after 40 years of being together which was tough and still is but sometimes life is, but just let me know how to contact you meantime and also letting you know that l have let Gloria know that you will be so pleased to hear from her again. 

We can pass your email address on if Janet wishes.

John - Editor  

By Jean South
On 19/03/2019

Once again thanks for getting in touch, Jean. and I would be delighted to have your email address and am happy for you to have mine so that we can have really good catch up, and with Gloria too. It is amazing that 'Our Newhaven' has united us over three far flung countries after so many years isn't it? Editor John, please arrange for us to have each other's email addresses, thank you.

I will pass on the email address's you ladies have logged with the website, glad to be of service.

John -- Editor

By Janet Finn
On 22/03/2019

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