Photo:Dad, Paul, Mum and Danny the dog

Dad, Paul, Mum and Danny the dog

Adrienne Chapman's private collection

Photo:Nina on the clifftop

Nina on the clifftop

Adrienne Chapman's private collection

Photo:Nina and her boyfriend

Nina and her boyfriend

Adrienne Chapman's private collection

Photo:Paul doing a Clint Eastwood

Paul doing a Clint Eastwood

Adrienne Chapman's private collection

On the clifftop & on the beach

By Adrienne Chapman

A family snapshot of the Chapmans on the clifftop: Robin, my dad, Paul , my brother with my mum, Janet.  Not forgetting Danny of course, the family dog. This photo was taken during our holiday in Newhaven.

The second snap is of my best friend Nina Tranter also on the cliff top during the same holiday.

The last picture is of my brother, Paul Chapman doing his impression of Clint Eastwood on the beach in Newhaven.

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