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By David Clay

Look at a map of Newhaven and you'll see that it's completely surrounded by open spaces. Framed by the sea and rolling chalk downland, Newhaven has an intimate connection with the natural environment. The role of green and open spaces in the context of an industrial town, their contribution to health, leisure and education cannot be overstated.

With a grant from the Heritage Lottery and in partnership with Newhaven Town, Lewes District and East Sussex County Councils, Newhaven Open Spaces Project has set out to encourage greater use and appreciation of our green spaces by giving local residents a voice in their future

Initially focusing on RiversidePark, Valley Ponds, Bollen's Bush and the Union (Meeching Down to some), we are looking for suggestions for improvements and ways in which you might like to be involved in the upkeep of these inspiring natural spaces.

If you would like to have your say or contribute in any other way, contact David Clay of Newhaven Community Development Association on 01273 517250 or email

Photo:Riverside Park circa 1990

Riverside Park circa 1990

Photo:Bollen's Bush

Bollen's Bush

Photo:The Union

The Union

Photo:Valley Road Ponds

Valley Road Ponds

This page was added by David Clay on 26/01/2008.
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Bollens Bush was always such a magical place with the Bluebells and pathways. I used to play there as a kid whilst my parents worked on an allotment nearby, next to the cemetry.

I remember the long lane leading up from Lewes Road. We also used to wander through and up to the golf course. One of the holes was over the brow of the hill so the golfer teeing off had to aim for a cross on a post because he couldnt see the hole.

We used to wait with a 'spotter' on the hill and a 'collector' by the hole and when the ball flew over we would dart out of the bushes and pocket the ball. Gather up enough and we would sell them on to my uncle Brian who ran the sports store at the top of the high street. Thieving little oiks that we were.

By Rob Patten
On 18/05/2008

Bollen's Bush, oh so many memories both as a child making camps, climbing trees and picking bluebells by the armful, and as a Mum taking the girls up there to offer adventure in a world where freedom to run wild is limited.

Funny it seemed so much bigger in the old days. Has it really shrunk so much or is it just childhood imaginings? Submarine Valley was like the top of the world out in the middle of nowhere.
As for the Union it was and is a brilliant green corridor from the Church Hill, Northdown Road area over to Brighton Road and the Valley area with the hidden secrets of the bracken-covered wooded area between. What more could a kid ask for! Camp heaven. Does the snake pit still exist? I think it was somewhere to the South of Brighton Road between the Union and Upper Valley Road.

By Sally Porter
On 05/02/2009

Lewes District Council are to sell the Union / Meeching Down to developers!
This must be stopped!

By Kirsty
On 02/06/2015

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