Class photo's and the Netball Team

By Laurie Stonehouse

The teacher in the top picture in the middle sitting down is Mrs Marchant.

A selection of names from top two photos include - Joan Ladd (Stonehouse),Phylis Goldsmith (Stanyard), Kath Discombe, Norma Goldsmith (Bulman), Benita Whittinton, Peggy Sanders, Pamila Hill, Pat Bird,*****Fairhead, Margaret Mitchell, Doreen Woolvern, Kay Heath, Pam Ship, Ivy Fitzroy, Pat Taylor, Tony Clark,***** Green, Michelle Cornwall,***** Evans, Margaret Downey, Audrey Bradford, Elain Fuller, Davina Allery, Val Commons and Barbara Hill.

The third picture shows the Eagles Netball team from 1954.

As a little bonus the last picture is of Bruce Saunders when I last spoke to him in 2005 he told me his first teaching post was at Hillcrest School and some of these ladies were his first pupils.  Later on he was my maths teacher at Tideway for one year 79/80, he retired in 1984.

Photo:Class photo - 1954

Class photo - 1954

Private collection of J K Stonehouse

Photo:Class photo - 1954

Class photo - 1954

Private collection of J K Stonehouse

Photo:Eagles Netball Team - 1954

Eagles Netball Team - 1954

Kind permission of Dorleen Clear

Photo:Bruce Saunders 2005

Bruce Saunders 2005

Laurie Stonehouse

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Top row/ 6th from left : Anne Bourne.
Middle row/1st from left :Mick Collington. 5th Colin Holden. 6th John Green. 7th Mick Cornwell. 8th Fred Batholemew. 9th Billy Wells. 11th Harold Evans. I think, it now all seems too brief and so long ago, I also did not realise Millie Marchant was so young!, while at school I would have guessed her to be at least eighty. Bruce Saunders was our P E and games teacher, a great guy, he also taught our daughter Kirstin many years later, if you read this Bruce, many thanks you did a great job and did it so well.

By Colinholden
On 05/03/2008

Bruce Saunders is my grandad and I have just showed him this webpage. He was very surprised to find himself on the internet, but enjoyed the nice comments and reminiscing over the photos.

By Karen Saunders
On 24/12/2008

I think the girl in the second photo, third from the right in the back row is my cousin Pat Sands (now Mann).

By Val Nunn (Evans)
On 11/07/2010

In the second picture I am almost certain the girl standing on the left in white is Pauline Fairhead (Smart)

By Reigna Mitchell
On 16/07/2010

Hi Karen I am your grandfathers cousin. My mother Daisy & Bruce's mother Elsie were sisters from over the island. I haven't been able to see any photos of Newhaven Football Team with Bruce in them. Do you have any ? It would be nice to see them on the website. I believe your gran Doreen passed some memorabilia to your dad Michael.

By Graham Moore
On 13/10/2013

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