2008 - 1900

Laurie Stonehouse

The following collection of photographs of the Hope Inn / Sea House shows how this building has changed over the last century.

Photo:Hope Inn - 2008

Hope Inn - 2008

Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Hope Inn - 1995

Hope Inn - 1995

Kind permission of Vicky Delaney

Photo:Hope Inn - 1990

Hope Inn - 1990

Vicky Delaney

Photo:Hope Inn - 1981

Hope Inn - 1981

Graeme Honeyball

Photo:Hope Inn - 1950

Hope Inn - 1950

G Amy Collection

Photo:Hope Inn - 1930

Hope Inn - 1930

G Amy Collection

Photo:Hope Inn - c1920

Hope Inn - c1920

Old postcard

Photo:Hope Inn and Sea House - c1900

Hope Inn and Sea House - c1900

Old postcard

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When was the Hope redeveloped with the Art Deco theme.? It would appear that the centre and right building in the 1920's photo were replaced with the 'modern' art deco style building with the curved walls as nothing in the new building appears to line up with the old ones. My friend Michael Cox used to live in the Seahouse to the left hand side.

A very good question, Rob.

I've just been down to the museum. we have a dated 1934 painting of the Hope in its original state and a wartime photo of it with the alterations done. So the answer is somewhere between 1934 and the early 1940's. The Newhaven 'Blue Book' still lists the two 'in between' houses in its 1938/40 Edition. I'm trying to track it down more precisely.


By Rob Patten
On 12/12/2009

I wonder if it was something to do with the war either being taken over and rebuilt as more of a defensive structure in the event of invasion or as a result of suffering damage. I believe some properties in Seaford and Bishopstone which faced the English Channel and beaches received similiar treatment to convert into observation posts and searchlight facilities.

By Rob Patten
On 18/12/2009

On the back of a newspaper obituary notice which dates from 1931, I found a scrap of an item relating to the Hope Inn; it reads as follows:



An application for possession of Hope Cottage, West Pier, Newhaven, was made at the Lewes Petty Sessions on Tuesday.  Mr. H. J. Vinall represented the applicants, the Portsmouth & Brighton United Breweries, Ltd., and the respondent, Mrs. E. Winder, was represented by Mr. R.A.E. Hillman.

Unfortunately, that is as much as remains legible, but it would appear that this was in preparation for the extension of the pub.  As there were two cottages between the original pub and Sea House, it raises the question of which was Hope Cottage and what the other one was called?

By Bruce Macphee
On 31/12/2017

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