Looking down Brighton Road from near Murray Avenue

By Dave and Lin Preece

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Nice picture of the Milkman & his milk float. I remember when I was very young our milkman came with a cart like that and the milk was not in bottles but in large milk churns from which the milk was ladled out with long-handled containers into my mothers jug. Later of course came milk bottles and the milk-churns disappeared from the cart.

By the look of the wheel marks on the road it still had not got a tarmac surface and you can see adjacent to the lampost on the right there is a curved pipe which was used for filling the water bowsers which sprayed the road surface in dry weather to keep the dust down.

By Richard Beckett
On 12/07/2008

Good to see picture of my first memories. My Mum and Dad lived at No.34 Brighton Road from 1939 to 2000. One of my earliest recollections is that of the milkman in the early 50's. I can remember his name was Alf Cosham who delivered for the Co-op. We all called him Uncle Alf and we use to see him every Saturday when he came to collect the 'milk money'. Also remember a converted coach which was a mobile vegetable shop. I think it was run by Horace Horcraft who use to give us a ride from outside the house down to the bottom of the road. Does anydody else remember him or Alf ?

Thanks for these memories Paul - I am also going to put them onto the Message Board forum.  Jackie - Editor

By Paul Blackman
On 13/08/2008

My father Arthur Longly was born at No.66 Brighton Road. Later my grandparents moved to No. 81 and then finally to No.81a. I was born at No.91 which is further up the hill where my aunt and uncle lived.

By Derek Longly
On 26/06/2011

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