Pre-North Way cannot think who or why they had their photograph taken here, any ideas?

By Colin Holden

Riverside, in the back ground -- the Bridge after the Toll Bridge onto Denton Island --Sefton Terrace, behind the sign--and Stricklands Wharehouse that burnt down in 1940.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NORTH WAY' page
This page was added by Colin Holden on 29/02/2008.
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Could be regulars from the pub, which was opposite.  I can't remember the name. It stood empty for years before being pulled down.

By brian urry
On 04/03/2008

Thank`s Brian I think you are correct that thought had crossed my mind. So, they are opposite "The Blacksmith Arms" pub. In the 1950`s my father Bob Holden used the upstairs as a workshop while he was employed by Newhaven Urban District Council as their Maintenance Foreman. The downstairs area was used by Harry Mitchel, he was the town's rat catcher. The council depot was on the corner of Robinson Road opposite, (but everybody called that road ("The Shipyard").

By colin holden
On 12/03/2008

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