Photos of old and new bridges

By Andy Gilbert

Here are three pictures of Newhaven's two swing bridges. I think the date must be 1974 or 1975. I've swapped the old Instamatic for a new camera, and some of the other pix in this album are definitely 1975. The new bridge is complete and ready for use, but traffic is still using the old bridge at this point. Anyone remember the exact date of the opening of the new bridge?

Photo:The last days of the old bridge

The last days of the old bridge

Andy Gilbert

Photo:The new bridge ready for use

The new bridge ready for use

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Close up of the new bridge. Note the Ranalah sign on the railings.

Close up of the new bridge. Note the Ranalah sign on the railings.

Andy Gilbert



Steve Turner

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 03/03/2008.
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Hello Andy, on the Bridge there is a plaque stating 'This bridge was opened 7th November 1974 etc'.  I was there but I couldn't see a thing as I was only 6 at the time.  If you look at - www.youtube.com and type in Newhaven Swing Bridge you will see that someone has placed a home movie of the actual opening of the new bridge!!!!!!

By Laurie Stonehouse
On 04/03/2008

As a lad of about ten, my mates and I used to search under the bridge on the Western side to pick up the the Copper and Silver coins that fell through the gap left after the bridge was opened (from the people pulling cigarettes and handkerchieves from their pockets).  We spent the money in the Riverside Cafe!

By Ian Bishop
On 27/07/2008

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