Formerly the Sheffield Arms

By Andy Gilbert

Known simply as 'the Sheffield' for so many years, it has now become The Harbourside.

Photo:The Harbourside

The Harbourside

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Sheffield Advertisment - c1950

Sheffield Advertisment - c1950

Photo:Sheffield - c1990

Sheffield - c1990

V Delaney

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I wonder if my tankard is still hanging in the public bar?....Does it still have a public bar?  I worked 3 nights a week there  (my brother David worked the other 4)  from '87 to '91.  Beer was ten pence a pint cheaper in the public side than over in the posher saloon side, even though it all came out of the same barrel in the cellar!  Certain locals from the Public side when having a family 'do' in the Saloon side would always point to the pumps in the Public bar when ordering a pint in the Saloon. Love 'em!

By Rob Patten
On 05/06/2008

Shame on me I used to drink here well before my time, in the aforementioned Public Bar (smaller, no carpet). There was also a hall out the back. We're talking late 70s, at the height of the Ska revival. I wonder whatever happened to Fudge, Pea, etc.

By Richard Schofield
On 27/10/2008

Ah! I remember standing around outside the pub with a packet of Smiths crisps (the ones with a blue bag of salt) and a glass of R Whites lemonade while my Mum & Dad had a drink inside. (For the younger reader these were proper crisps & lemonade not the recent offerings that pretend to be the real deal!).
In 1966 when I was only 12, we moved away to the North  before I was old enough to drink there legally.

By Bett Hill nee Kingaby
On 13/08/2009

I was born here - my parents were the landlords :) It looks pretty in these photos. We went back to Newhaven for a holiday a few years ago but we didn't go in the bar, my Mum was too upset, she said it didn't look very well kept anymore, and they had sold off the garden. Oh well times change I suppose.

By Lela
On 18/08/2009

Pulled a lot of pints here and at the Hole-in-the Wall in Seaford in 70 - 71 before demob from RAF 1107 marine craft unit. Wonderful memories of the pub and the people of Newhaven and Seaford. Learned to play golf at Seaford Head. Sailed on Bill Tillman's Bristol Channel Cutter from Newhaven to the Isle of Wight for Cowes Week.

By Ollie
On 19/10/2012

Good pictures. My grandfather was Jaroslav Sajner, the J Sayner in the advert above - known as Frank to everyone, Originally from Czechoslovakia, he naturalised in 1935. He was landlord from around the early 30's until his retirement in the mid 60's, living there with his wife Mabel and 3 children. They had a brief spell out during WW2 when the army requisitioned the building. A long time ago, but would love to hear from anyone with any more information. I can just recall visits there as a child - there always seemed to be a lot of cooking going on! Sad to hear that it has now closed.

By Jan Denton
On 19/11/2013

Hi Jan my name is Sarah, you must be my cousin these were my grandparents also, my dad was Peter Sajner.

By Sarah Matthews
On 20/07/2017

Hello Sarah, rather belatedly - yes, we must be cousins, I'm Roy's daughter - I remember Uncle Peter & Aunty Pat, although it must be 40 yrs since I saw them last.  I've dug away at the family history for years, but of course have lots of gaps.  I'm happy for this site to forward you my email address if you want to get in touch - best wishes, Jan

Your email address has been forwarded to Sarah for you Jan

John  --  Editor

By Jan Denton
On 11/04/2018

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