Is the town unnoticeable?

The ring road has made the town centre into a glorified roundabout. A lot of the motorists probably don't even realise the town centre exists.

The ring road was made in the late 1960/70's and local people generally feel it has killed business for the local traders.

Photo:Why doesn't the town get noticed?

Why doesn't the town get noticed?

Newhaven Strategic Network

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I remember the ring road being built, we lived in Meeching Rise and we reckoned it would kill the town off which appears to be the case on the couple of times I've been back.

By Jan Chapman
On 27/11/2007

It does seem to be so I agree, although traders and other local people and organisations such as Newhaven Strategic Network, Newhaven Community Development Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Newhaven Town Council (amongst others) are trying to make improvements... as they say 'watch this space'!

By Jackie Blackwell
On 27/11/2007

Hello My Mother and I will visiting Eastbourne in March and hope to pay a visit to see what's happening

By Jan Chapman
On 27/11/2007

In answer to Jackie Blackwell, the town council have been dithering about this for the past 10 years and still nothing has been done exept more traffic lights which does nothing for Newhaven. There are now 7 places which you can cross to get into the centre and 7 places where traffic can get held up. Who wants to come anywhere near Newhaven to get caught up in a traffic jam?

By Melvyn Simmons
On 27/02/2008

It is only fair to say that in Newhaven Town, if there is any improvement to be made, it shoul be discussed with someone who has lived in Newhaven, not with any one who doesn't live here. That's how this town has got this way. I have lived here all my life, and this could have been avoided if a Newhaven person had the power to say what needs to be done to the town. The ring road is the biggest disaster that has ever happened to the town centre.

On 05/09/2009

Which year did the Newhaven ring-road fully open?

South Way opened in 1970/71 - North Way winter 1976

Laurie - Editor

By Chris Wrapson
On 03/05/2014

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