A very busy North Quay

By Andy Gilbert

Here's something you probably won't see again. A Full House at the North Quay, with five ships loading or discharging. I've mislaid my notes for this picture and therefore can't tell you the date, but I think it's mid 90's. The details are down at the Museum and also in the Sussex Express archives, as I sent the photo in to them.

From right to left, then. Rosita (roadstone), Arco Dart and Sand Swan (aggregate dredgers), ?? (can't recall the name, but it's the sister ship of Rosita, also with roadstone), and right up in the distance, Hoo Robin (roadstone again).

Does anyone have a Railway Quay or East Quay 'full house'? There are some at the Museum (somewhere) but I'm sure there must be more that show our port when it was buzzing.

Photo:Full House

Full House

Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 19/03/2008.
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Yes, I have a full house of the East Quay for you Andy ! Will post it later for you..

By John Hills
On 20/03/2008

Found the details on the back of the photo. It was late afternoon on August 15th, 2002. We'd been over to my Dad's for his birthday 'party' and I spotted this when driving back over the bridge. I apparently stopped on the slip road (tsk tsk!) and ran back to take the photo. It's not Sand Swan in the photo but her sister ship Sand Serin.

By Andy Gilbert
On 23/03/2008

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