Various photos from the late 1980's

By Steve Turner

Photo:Colonel Templer 1986

Colonel Templer 1986

Steve Turner

Photo:Cannabis Bust 1987

Cannabis Bust 1987

Steve Turner

Photo:Cannabis Bust 1987

Cannabis Bust 1987

Steve Turner

Photo:Coastguard Cutter 'Active'

Coastguard Cutter 'Active'

Steve Turner

Photo:Greenpeace 1988

Greenpeace 1988

Steve Turner

Photo:MV Illiria 1989

MV Illiria 1989

Steve Turner

Photo:Chichester City 1989

Chichester City 1989

Steve Turner

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I am led to understand that some years ago a young man who had been resident in Newhaven and who was active in Greenpeace at the time, caused qute a stir with his actions somewhere in the world. Actions which were newsworthy enough that they warranted a report in the world press.

By Richard Beckett
On 06/04/2008

Nice picture of our very own spyship, the Colonel Templer. Crewed by the Royal Corp of Transport she was used to shadow and conduct radio surveillance on Soviet ships up and down channel during the cold war. Onboard ship as a communications rating in the Royal Navy I would often exercise with her during a channel transit giving all the 'secret squirrels' plenty of practice.

By Rob Patten
On 10/10/2008

As far as I know, Colonel Templer is still operating. She once caught fire and was gutted, but she was then rebuilt with a completely new superstructure. There are a few photos on


By Andy Gilbert
On 26/10/2008

m.v. Colonel Templar originally m.t Criscilla FD 261. I worked on FD261 at Fleetwood having been aboard her in Aberdeen in 1966 during the commisioning of her refrigeration plant. At the time I worked for the manufacturers L.Sterne & Co. Ltd,  based at their Liverpool branch.

By Bob Crookham.
On 28/10/2011

Richard, here's a link to the story you remember:

By Doug Hall
On 29/10/2011

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