One business is still here

By Brian Urry

Can you spot which one?

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This page was added by Brian Urry on 09/04/2008.
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Although I don't now live in Newhaven I think Dee's is still there. I hope so because I was their very first 'Paper Boy' (outside of the family) back in 1962 or maybe '63. Dee Kennedy and his family used to live at 42 Brighton Road (I lived at 34) and his son Stewart and I were good friends. Dee then moved into the town and opened his paper shop. I used to do the evening paper round and I think Stewart was the morning paper boy. I use to deliver to a wide range of areas at that time because of the small number of papers but I do particularly remember delivering to the new bungalows in 'Leeway' and 'Fulwood Avenue' just as the first new occupants moved in. There were no other houses on the Valley Estate at that time. Dee was a very good employer and payed me well for the work I did. I have very fond memories of the family.

Nice memories Paul - thank you - and you are right, Dee's Newsagency is still there in the High Street.  Jackie - Editor

By Paul Blackman
On 14/08/2008

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