Pub in South Heighton village

By Andy Gilbert

Another of Newhaven's pubs and my other 'local'. The Hampden Arms in Heighton Road.

Photo:The Hampden Arms

The Hampden Arms

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Hampden Arms - 1900

Hampden Arms - 1900

Photo:Advertisment - 1950

Advertisment - 1950

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This brings back many memories. I lived in Brighton Road but for some reason played in my first darts team for the Hampden Arms. Used to catch the bus from Bridge Street, which was the No.26 from Gibbon Road to South Heighton if I remember rightly. This was back in 1964-1966 and the landlord was Buck Charman, a very good darts player himself. Wish I could remember a few more members of the team but they escape me right now.

By Paul Blackman
On 06/02/2010

I played in that darts team.I remember Buck but I can't think of any names. I used to catch eels for Buck he used to pay two and six each for them and then make them into jellied eels. I think I can recall you Paul, weren't there some female members as well?

By Terry Howard
On 23/02/2010

Buck Charman is my oldest friends Grandfather on her mother's side. Her Parents still live in the village. South Heighton football club also had an end of season football tournament in his honor called 'Buck Charmen Day' My Parents, uncle and auntie all work at the Hampden for Bob and Marilyn who had the pub for quite a while. My brother worked there too but for Marilyn's sister. I have worked there on and off for 10 years for various owners. It is now run by Dave and Michaela who have restored the pub back to the village pub it should be. As you walk down the cellar steps the names of previous owners are written above your head in chalk, including Buck's. There was also entrance to a tunnel in the men's toilets, which has since been blocked up.

By Carly
On 15/06/2010

Does anyone know if there is any truth in the rumour about the building next door once being a pub?

By Michael Young
On 04/02/2011

Regarding Terry's comment above about female members of the Hampden Dart Team, you are right Terry, the reason I played there (1964-1966) was that although I lived in Brighton Road a close friend of mine, Maurice Deakin played there and his Mum, Flo' who was herself a very good player was also in the team. She use to win more games than she lost, upset quite a few male members of the opposition ! There was also another lady in the team who's name escapes me. The 3 of us were there for a couple of years but then moved over to play at the "Bay" in Pelham Road in Seaford as Maurice's brother Brian played there. Haven't seen Maurice for over 25 years now but understand he did spend some time as 'landlord' at "The Ship" in Newhaven. Anybody know if that's right ?

By Paul Blackman
On 04/03/2011

Reply to Paul Blackman's comment about Maurice Deakin: Yes, thats right, he was the landlord of The Ship for about 5 years or so and he is in fact my grandad. He married Kay Kenworthy whose sister Pat also appears on other pages on the website. I understand you were his best man.

By Elizabeth Deakin
On 19/04/2013

Curious. Where did the tunnel lead to that was mentioned in Carly's comment...?

By Rob Patten
On 22/04/2013

There is a book(let) The Secret Tunnels of South Heighton by HMS Forward re: the tunnels use during the war by teleprinters etc. Maybe they were connected to the Pub tunnel? I think Dimbleby did a TV prog on the tunnels a couple of years ago?

From Editors: Geoff Ellis who has spent years researching HMS Forward & the tunnels, states categorically that the tunnel at the Hampden Arms is not, (and never was) connected to, or anything to do with, the wartime Tunnels HMS Forward.

By Brenda Hall
On 23/04/2013

Message for Elizabeth Deakin. Yes I was Maurice and Kay's best man. I worked with Maurice at the factory on Denton Island for nearly 25 years and he lived next door to my Mum and Dad in Brighton Road when he first got married but I have now lost contact with him and have no idea if he still lives in Newhaven.

By Paul Blackman
On 23/04/2013

I thought the blocked up tunnel from the pub could have been the officers off-duty underground access to a drink or three! Guess the pubs' tunnel pre-dates the war tunnels then, smugglers maybe?

By Brenda Hall
On 25/04/2013

More about the Deakin family. Flo and Fred(?) Deakin and family lived near us, in Lewes Road. The youngest son, Colin, was a year or so older than me. Following my disastrous attempts to paper my bedroom, Mum asked Maurice to paper our dining room. He made an excellent job of it. Kay's Mum, Paddy, used to be a dinner lady at the Christ Church Hall, in South Road, catering for Meeching Infants and Junior School. She then worked with my Mum, Dot Stovell, in the canteen, at either Fergusons, Parker Pen or Charringtons.

By William Stovell
On 25/04/2013

Message for Paul Blacklman. He does live in Newhaven and he told me to let you know that the other lady the both of you played darts with was called Mrs Phipps. I believe he has a picture of all of you at the factory, and I am going to try to put it on the website for him.

By Elizabeth Deakin
On 25/04/2013

The "tunnel" in the Pub went from the mens toilets out under the garden to a large brick lined hole that appeared to contain a lot of Bob Wards old bicycles!--Dave Twaits

By David Twaits
On 21/03/2017

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