1963 and 2008

By Carol Walton/Andy Gilbert

Photo:Looking down the High Street to where the one way system is now.

Looking down the High Street to where the one way system is now.

Photo by Terry Walton

Photo:The Ship Hotel in the High Street seems to have an identity crisis, with the sign calling it The Buccaneer as well!

The Ship Hotel in the High Street seems to have an identity crisis, with the sign calling it The Buccaneer as well!

Andy Gilbert

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What did they sell in Mrs Warne's shop please?

By Richard Beckett
On 10/05/2008

I went into Warnes' shop around 1946/7 as we had heard a rumour that they had sweets there.  As I walked in the shop, the owner was putting the big jar back under the counter, so I said "I'll have a quarter pound of those please". She did not refuse me - because I had caught her. Sweets came off ration but disappeared due to shortages. Regular customers only. Warnes was a general store, they sold sweets and tobacco.

By Jack Patten
On 15/05/2008

My mother sold groceries, milk, cigarettes and sweets. Quite a few customers were from boats, including French ferrymen who bought lots of coffee beans. The hours were very long: open at 6.30 a.m. close at 6.00 p.m. No lunch hour. Half day Wednesday and 9-12 Sunday morning. Not open Christmas day, but you could always knock at the door for those little things you had forgotten.

By Lionel Warnes
On 20/12/2012

I used Warnes shop very often as a child, and later when I was a tea boy at Storehaven Engineering in Robinson Road I used to buy the choc bars, cigarettes and sweets there for the workers. Mrs Warnes always had time for a brief chat. I recall her looking through the front window at the sky over Somerhayes trees and saying "going to rain later. Its a bit dark over wills mothers" A saying she used often.

Indeed I remember you as well Lionel, good to see you posting on here.

By William Still
On 21/12/2012

I seem to remember them having a large curly haired dog that sometimes took a dip in the nearby river.

By Ron Herriott
On 21/12/2012

Further to William's comments, where does the phrase 'wills mothers' come from as my mum also used it often ?

By rob patten
On 29/12/2012

The dog was an irish setter called Shandy, and he couldn't be kept from water. Robinson Road was always known as 'The Shipyard' when I was young. Our group of boys called ourselves 'the Shipyard gang'. It included my brother and I, Ian Shepherd, Harold Evans, Bruce Allen, Barry Wilkinson and others. We played mostly on Denton Island, especially in the empty houses, also in and on the river. Happy days. I remember the name Billy Still, but I can't recall the face or whether he was in my class at the Boys' School.

By Lionel Warnes
On 24/01/2013

I remember many happy days on Denton Island, with the gang, especially Barry Wilkinson. Also the the house opposite ours we used as target practice, with Barry's air rifle, I believe it was his grans house.

By Edwin Warnes
On 05/03/2013

I remember Mrs Warnes and her family. I lived at Riverside for a few years until we moved to St Luke's Lane. My brother is Barry Wilkinson who still lives in Newhaven. I remember the shipyard gang. I was known as Carole Wilkinson. Does any one remember me.

By Carole Knott
On 08/08/2014

Hi Carol, yes I remember you very well, our mothers were great friends for many years.  They were known in our family as 'Gert & Dais'. 

By Terry Walton
On 28/09/2014

Lionel Warnes I wonder did you have a sister? Who I think might have been a bridesmaid at my mum and dad wedding Ivy & George Marchant.

By Valerie Burton
On 05/03/2015

I do remember you, Carole Wilkinson, but we boys didn't pay much heed to girls then. Didn't you join up? I seem to remember seeing you wearing a uniform in mother's shop when I was 21 or so. Golden curls?   

By Lionel Warnes
On 16/09/2016

Hi Lionel

Yes I did join the army for a short time. I still visit my brother Barry in Newhaven as I now live in Lincolnshire. Still have very fond memories of the old town. Happy days..

By Carole Knott (nee Wilkinson)
On 06/10/2016

In reply to Valerie Burton; yes Lionel Warnes had a sister, Marcia Stapley, who married Ken Tovey in 1957.

By Mark Tovey
On 08/09/2018

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