Miss Greenfield's Class c1969

By Carol Walton

Photo:School Photo - Mrs Greenfield's class

School Photo - Mrs Greenfield's class

This page was added by Carol Walton on 14/05/2008.
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Great photo Carol, all my old class mates....except me? but then I've been reminded that when we moved from Meeching Infants to Grays they re-aligned the school year starting Sept 1st (I think it used to be the 15th).  I went back a year and joined you guys in Grays where the rest of my class moved up.  An extra year apparently didnt help me any!!  I do remember the classrooms at Meeching Infants being separated by rollaway dividing walls that were removed at christmas and for other school events, and the toilets being the other side of the playground.  Best wishes.

By Rob Patten
On 04/06/2008

Message for Rob Patten. If you look at the Grays School photo you are also in that one. Best wishes Lisa Legendre (Walton)

By Lisa Legendre
On 06/06/2008

Some names to add to this photo:( not sure about some of the spelling ) Jackie Eves, Dawn Price, Alison Bullman, Mark Penfold, Lisa Walton, Anita Deubert, Yvonne Turner, Tina Dunk, Mandy Ripley, Deborah Ashdown, Hayley Plant, Sylvia Turner, Connie Lewry (Bubbles) and Nigel Pumphrey.

By Lisa Legendre
On 06/06/2008

My name was Denise Munson and I'm sitting on chair far left. I don't remember much about school, just names Maria Leister ,Hayley Plant, Mandy Ripley. I moved onto Meeching Valley, then Tideway for one year and moved away from area to Essex.

By Denise DeVeuve
On 13/08/2019

Hi, have just noticed that Denise Munson has commented on the above photo. I would love to get in contact with her as she used to live a few doors away from me in Newhaven when we were growing up. Is there anyway I could contact her or she me? Happy to give my email address, but not sure if that’s allowed?!

thank you, Marion Atkinson

If Denise replies to this comment and would would like to contact you. We can pass on your contact details.

John - Editor

By Marion Desouza
On 27/12/2022

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