'Out of the shadows'

By Marilyn Nolan

This a very interesting book about Newhaven Downs Hospital (now Newhaven Rehabilitation Centre).  It was written by Harry Gaston who was associated with the Hospital as administrator for many years and has some lovely pictures in it, featuring and mentioning many Newhaven people.

My husband's grandfather (George Alce Foord - ex stationmaster at Tidemills Stations) died in the hospital in 1949 when it was called Hill House, a hospital for the elderly.  My husband Patrick now works there as a Porter/Driver.

It was written in 1997, but I am sure you could still get copies of it - Patrick says he thinks they have some copies at the Newhaven Rehabilitation Centre (I believe I got my copy at the Newhaven Museum) it was priced at £3.99.  If you are unable to find it anywhere, I would willingly lend it to anyone (as long as I get it back!!)

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This page was added by Marilyn Nolan on 07/06/2008.
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Hi Marilyn
I also have a copy of this book and it is very interesting. Harry kindly signed my copy also.


By Sylvia Woolford
On 07/06/2008

I have supplied copies of the book now out of print to the Friends of Brighton and Hove Hospitals (who also support the facilities on the old Downs Site). The Friends are selling these in aid of the charity for £5 postage paid. Contact them on Brighton 664936.

By Harry Gaston
On 14/10/2009

I remember the Downs hospital around the mid 1940s, the matron was Mrs Milnes. She had a daughter, Maggie, who was my first girl friend, we were still at school. (Those were the days)

By John Skinner
On 17/08/2010

My Father Bill Waller who used to work in the Marine workshops for years, spent his last few years in the old Downs Hospital brain damaged, and passed away in November 1996. I have never had the chance to say THANK YOU to ALL the staff at the Downs Hospital for the love and great care shown to my dad at that time. Thank you all.

By Don Waller
On 29/10/2011

I am was interested to read about this book. My grandfather, Benjamin Newton from Peacehaven, achieved his 100th birthday in Newhaven Downs Hospital. I wonder if there is a photo of him in the book?

By Mrs Joy Dean
On 11/02/2012

I have a distant relative, Elizabeth Hillman of Hurstpierpoint, who died at the hospital in 1953 aged 76. I wonder if there is any further information on her.

By Simon Hingley
On 29/12/2013

If there isn't a photo of my Grandad in the book, would the author / anyone else like to see photos of him? Grandad and Granny lived in Peacehaven from the early 1950s. He died in 1980 and Granny in 1982.

We'd love to see them! You can either create your own page with the photos or email them to us with any other information, and we'll create the page for you. Andy-Editor

By Joy Dean
On 10/01/2016

I would like to obtain a copy of this book if possible?

It appears that my mother may have been a nurse here in 1936-7 as there are a number of pictures in a photo album of nurses together with their names.

Are there any existing staff records?  Has anybody managed to look at the 1939 census records for the Hospital?

By Angela Kingsbury
On 15/07/2016

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