Before Decommissioning September 1962

By A. J. Lander

Photo:On the Railway Quay

On the Railway Quay

Photos taken by Tony Benger

Photo:From the Swingbridge

From the Swingbridge

Tony Benger

Photo:From the West Bank

From the West Bank

Tony Benger

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Comments about this page

There are quite a few of us who remember the AA Raymond as being part of the Newhaven 'scenery' in the early 1960's. Thanks for posting these photos. They would be welcomed over at the Ships Nostalgia website as well, if you're inclined to post them there. If not, I'd be happy to do so on your behalf.

By Andy Gilbert
On 08/06/2008

Great set of pictures. I worked on the AA Raymond project with the rest of the family and many other local people were working on her too.
The original engines were very large slow revving diesel's. These were hoisted out by the sheer legs and were replaced by much smaller high revving diesels.
Thanks for posting these pictures. Brought back many memories to me.

By William Still
On 09/06/2008

I remember this day well as my dad, James Chinchen asked me to go down to the marine shops where he worked to see it. I can remember when the sheerlegs was used on the A.A Raymond and they were fitting an air hose up to work it. They did a test run to see that it was working ok and the air hose which was about 3 inches in diameter blew off and I had to dive out of the way as it nearly hit me.

From Leslie Chinchen

By leslie chinchen
On 28/03/2009

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