By Val Lidster

Can anyone name the ferry, and what was going on in the bottom centre of picture?  So many memories of summer on the beach; looks as if denied to people now. This photo reminds me of the swell following ferries in or out, and those unaware getting a soaking, or worse, watching belongings float away...

Photo:Ferry going out

Ferry going out

Vinall Family Album

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It's one of the 'V twins', Villandry or Valencay, taking out the morning sailing (10:30, I think), judging by the shadows.

By Andy Gilbert
On 27/06/2008

The ferry is either the Valencay or Villandry, hard to tell the difference ! Always remember the swell from the ferries especially the 4 o'clock coming in. We use to warn people who usually took no notice and then we would sit on the top and watch their clothes and food taken out to sea !! Regarding the activity in the middle of the photo, think this might have been when they started to make the strange shaped concrete 'lumps' that they eventually dropped at the end of the breakwater to help protect it but not quite sure, perhaps someone else remembers.

By PaulBlackman
On 27/06/2008

The ferry would be the " Valencay " or  Villandry ", they were pretty much identical. As for the activity they are probably clearing up the remains of the small railyard that was there being that the year is 1967 and the line to the breakwater had closed by then.

By Rob Patten
On 27/06/2008

And just thinking about the other question, that area was used for storing equipment etc used for maintenance of the West Pier and breakwater. Is this too early for the first batch of 'Bonio's' to be placed at the end of the breakwater, I wonder?

By Andy Gilbert
On 27/06/2008

This is a lovely picture, there appears to be a small fair on the grassed area. Mr Joe Irish and Mr Tommy Peak used to pitch here in the summer season, setting up a bingo stall and other amusements. I made the candy floss for Joe and Marie Irish until 1960 and I don't think they ever came back after that year.

The yard with the equipment in was used by the Harbour Works section, headed by Mr Bob Martin, a long time before the "Bonio" days.

Terry Walton also worked at that little fair, his memory might be a bit sharper than mine.

By Colin Brandon
On 05/06/2010

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