Sussex Express Article - February 2009

By Carol Walton

This month’s picture shows an old photograph of Tidemills flour mill.

The mill was erected in 1761 by the Duke of Newcastle and was later owned and operated by William Catt and his family. The village consisted of a large tide mill and several cottages housing around 100 workers.  The tidemill was operated by water from the rising tide turning water wheels and filling the pond behind; as the tide later drops, the water in the pond flows out and turns the wheels the other way. Originally the grain and flour were transported backwards and forwards in barges via the creek and it’s entrance into Newhaven harbour.  When the creek was closed to improve the quays a spur line from Bishopstone station was put in so the grain and flour could be transported by train, Tidemills having it’s own station.  Production stopped in the late 19th century and all that can be seen now are the foundations of a once flourishing village.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'TIDEMILLS' page
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