May 2023

By John Hills


"Regarding the first picture above, the 'Alice?'  was my Aunt Alice, Alice Legge, and you are correct, it is Gladys Heathfield, ..."

By: Sandy Back                      ; Added: 24/05/2023

R LOWER & SONS (View page)

"Hi, I would like to try and find out more about a Lower rowing dinghy that I have recently taken on. In need of a fair amount of rejuvenatio..."

By: Steve Beart                       ; Added: 16/05/2023

HIGH STREET (View page)

"Rob, I think you may be right! The proposed bypass and high level northern bridge was a less expensive option than the ring road and swing b..."

By: Andy Gilbert                      ; Added: 04/05/2023

HIGH STREET (View page)

"I can't help but think that the decision to isolate the town centre by building North and South Ways in the town has to have had somethi..."

By: Rob Patten                        ; Added: 03/05/2023


"The photo is colourised from black and white, but I always look at the clothes and the cars, as Bob Sexton said back in 2014. Now look at t..."

By: Andy Gilbert                       ; Added: 02/05/2023

COMMENTS 2023 (View page)

"I have 100 plus photos of Newhaven Harbour taken by me in about 1972 which are all in slide (Kodak Ektachrome) form.  I did a project o..."

By: Colin Hussey                     ; Added: 02/05/2023

WEST QUAY - 1954 (View page)

"Its most definitely 'Investic' as other posts have stated.  I have a photograph of it taken from the stern end and the hull had..."

By: Colin Hussey                     ; Added: 02/05/2023


"This photo was taken in 1964/5 and was one of several taken the same day I think.  I was eight at the time, and the boy in the foregrou..."

By: Colin Hussey                     ; Added: 02/05/2023

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