Hillcrest Road mid 1950's

By Jenny White

1950's photo - Are you in the picture? 

Can you put names to the four unknown faces or name the year when the photo was taken?

Back row left to right:-

Graham Harrison; Peter Russell; John Woolgar; David Goatcher; ? ; Roger Walford; David Seal; David Lower; Roy Fletcher; Terry Bulman. 

Middle row L to R:-

Melvin Moore; Roger Pease; David Piddlesden; Ian Hibling; John Ryder; Mick Hyder; David Sutton (with glasses); ? (fair hair boy) ; John Angel; Mick Humphrey; Paul Simmons; ? (trying to hide).

Front row L to R:-

David Parkinson; Neil Speck; Derek Wybrow; David Carter; Peter Philips; Peter Burroughs; Roger White; Ian Walton; Barry Last.


Photo:Boys pictured at the Hillcrest school

Boys pictured at the Hillcrest school

This page was added by Jenny White on 25/10/2017.
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Hi Jenny how are you associated with the picture? I am in it and remember some of the boys but I am not able to remember that far back to give any names to the missing lads. David Carter.

Can help you out a little David the boy hiding behind Paul Simmons we think is Kenny Harris. 

John  -- Editor

By David Carter
On 20/11/2017

It could be him as it is about the only name I can remember that is not on the list.

By David Carter
On 21/11/2017

Hi.  Just discovered this great site.  I am quite excited about it and would like to contribute!  I lived in Australia for 40 years and have been back in the UK for the last 9.

I have been moving a copy of this photo around the world for approximately 64 years or so, together with another one, taken in the playground, depicting a re-enactment of the Tolpuddle Martyrs judgement.

I can fill in a gap for you.  My name is David Goatcher and I am fourth from the left in the back row.  The year was probably 1955 but could be 1956.

My very best friends were Roger Walford, David Seal, and John Angel.  I would very much like to contact them again.  Do you have contact details for all that are identified?  How would I go about it?

Has there ever been any school or class reunions, or are there any planned?

(If you would like to contact David please post a comment and will put you in touch.   Editor)

I note that there were 7 boys named David  in the class!  Quite a high percentage!

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Very best regards, David.

Personal details removed website rules.

If you would like to contact David please post a comment and we will forward David's contact details on to you.

Thanks David  glad you like the website.. lets hope we get a response for you.

Regards  John  --  Editor 

By David Goatcher
On 06/03/2020

Hi.  It is more than three years since I added my name to this page.  I had hoped, as I said at the time, that I would be able to make contact with some of my old friends, but nothing seems to have transpired.  Three possibilities, they are all dead, they don't watch the site, or no one is interested.  I like to think it is reason two above!

I assume that you the editor, John, have hidden contact details for most of us.  My fervent plea to you is, would you please send an email to all the contacts that you have, with hidden addresses if you have to, requesting we all enter into the page, in such a way that we can all make contact?  My view would be to arrange a reunion, which I am more than willing to organise.  I am happy to advertise my email address here, which is (email removed site rules!)  Welcome all comers, before we all kick the bucket!  :)

Sorry David,

As I we have said previously we can pass on personal email addresses to those who wish to make contact.  But unfortunately we do not have the authority to do a blanket email to all those who have registered them within the website.

John -- Editor

By David Goatcher
On 10/10/2023

Hi John.  I really appreciate your inputs to the blog!  However, I am not sure that I fully understand how contact, which I thought was one of the primary goals of this site, can be achieved. Does it mean that you can provide my details to nominated people in the group? 

If so I would be extremely grateful if you could pass my email onto the three friends that I especially want to contact.  They are John Angel, David Seal and Roger Walford.

Very many thanks, David Goatcher.

Hi David.

No sorry.. the primary function of this website is, as it clearly states in the welcome section on the opening page, "People can share their memories, photos, maps and thoughts about Newhaven, past and present." 

But we do supply contact details if both parties wish as a matter of courtesy. 

If any of your three friends mentioned above read this comment and wish to contact you, we will of course pass on your contact details.

John -- Editor 

By David Goatcher
On 23/10/2023

OK John. Many thanks for your patience.

I guess as there has been no action for the past 3 years or so nothing further is going to occur.  Very frustrating when I know that the information I need is probably recorded, but not available!

Sorry to be a nuisance.

Sorry we could not help you this time David, you never know perhaps someone might see this page and get in touch, fingers crossed!

Regards  John -- Editor

By David Goatcher
On 25/10/2023

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