A get together in Seaford

By Andy Gilbert and Sue Carnochan

A couple of weeks ago, some of the students who left Newhaven County Secondary School in 1967 met up with a few of their former teachers at the White Lion in Seaford.

The three former teachers who attended were Sue Carnochan (best known as Miss Butlin, the history teacher), Alan Denyer and John (Taffy) Davies.

Sue Carnochan has kindly given me a partial list of the students who attended.

Bob Hitchcock, Diane Tucknott, Liz Rayner, Melita Eisner, Patrick Townsend, Eric Forbes, Roy Okines, Gary Hart, Tony Higgs, Toni Thompson, Janet Baker (nee Garwood), Gregory Taylor, Robert Morley and Bob Moore.

Apologies if I have spelt any names incorrectly, please comment and correct me!

And if you were there and are not on the list, let me know with a comment. If you have any photos that you'd like me to add to this page, please email them with details to info@ournewhaven.org.uk and I'll add them in.



Photo:L-R: Janet Garwood (?), Diane Tucknott, Eric Forbes

L-R: Janet Garwood (?), Diane Tucknott, Eric Forbes

Sue Carnochan

Photo:L-R: Diane Tucknott, Eric Forbes, Patrick Medhurst

L-R: Diane Tucknott, Eric Forbes, Patrick Medhurst

Sue Carnochan

Photo:Teachers: Alan Denyer, John Davies, Sue Carnochan. Student standing: Tony Higgs

Teachers: Alan Denyer, John Davies, Sue Carnochan. Student standing: Tony Higgs

Sue Carnochan

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 19/07/2022.
Comments about this page

Hi Nice to see Taffy Davies looking so well and wearing well. I left around that time didn't enjoy my school days but Taffy was something else good teacher at the P E and a good laugh. 

By Neill Jupp
On 23/07/2022

I left in 1966 but remember Mr Denyer, he was my form teacher in either my third or fourth year. Mrs Carnochan, I knew her as Miss Butlin, was my history teacher I think. I remember Taffy Davies as well although I never did P.E..  Good to see them looking so well

By Jan Chapman
On 26/07/2022

Was this the Bob Hitchcock that became an apprentice painter with Oxley and Bennett. If so, I remember you buying an old Ford 100 E car. It was such a wreck, you and I cut it up. You got your money back because we sold the engine to a fitter at the ambulance station.

By Colin Brandon
On 10/08/2022

It is good to see that a few of the teachers from my era are still around.  In particular, to Mr Denyer and Miss Butlin (as they were to us), I owe a solid start in both Physics and History.  One becoming a career, and the other a lifelong interest.  Newhaven County Secondary was a fine school in my time.

Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment Charles, down to a broadband 3 day outage in my local area.

John -- Editor

By Charles Wrench
On 20/01/2023

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